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Can CDL drivers use cell phones?

Can CDL drivers use cell phones?

If it becomes absolutely necessary to make or receive a call while operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), mobile phone use (with either a personal or company-issued phone) by company employees shall be subject to the following restrictions: a mobile hands-free speaker/microphone device.

Can truckers talk on the phone?

Yes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a rule on December 2, 2011 that prohibits commercial motorists from using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving a commercial vehicle.

Can CDL drivers use Bluetooth?

A new FMCSA rule restricts the use of all hand-held mobile devices by drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). CMV drivers who use a mobile phone while driving can only use a hands-free phone located in close proximity.

What states ban handheld cell phones?

Five states have partial bans on handheld cell phones – Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia. (Arizona recently passed a law moving it’s ban from novice drivers to all drivers)

What does DOT look for in an audit?

A DOT on-site audit evaluates a company’s safety performance and confirms proper and complete recordkeeping. The review also determines if the company has adequate management controls in place to ensure FMCSR compliance.

Why is there a need to conduct a post trip evaluation?

A good pre-trip inspection keeps the driver from leaving your facility with a vehicle that has an existing problem. A good post-trip inspection gives the shop time to react to a problem that has been identified and to correct it before the truck goes back out on the road.

What are the new mobile phone restrictions for CMVs?

New Mobile Phone Restriction Rule For Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers. A new FMCSA rule restricts the use of all hand-held mobile devices by drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). This rulemaking restricts a CMV driver from holding a mobile device to make a call, or dialing by pressing more than a single button.

Are there cell phone restrictions for commercial drivers?

In January 2012 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) cell phone ban for all drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) took effect. See the attached FMCSA fliers on the Mobile Phone and Texting Restrictions for details.

Is it illegal to text while driving on FMCSA?

– Texting is risky because it causes the driver to take his/her eyes off the roadway. Dispatching devices that are part of a fleet management system can be used for other purposes, but texting on a dispatching device is indistinguishable from texting on another text-capable device, and is therefore prohibited.

Can you use a cell phone while driving a CMV?

No driver may use a hand-held mobile telephone or engage in texting while driving a CMV, according to 49 CFR 392, Subpart H. The only occasion where either is permissible is when drivers are communicating with law enforcement officials or other emergency services.