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Can you get duplicates in BattleBlock theater?

Can you get duplicates in BattleBlock theater?

Keep in mind however there are no duplicates in Battleblock Theater, so while you’ll never have to worry about unlocking duplicates, you’ll also be trading away your only instance of anything, so make sure you’re getting what you want in the trade.

How many gems are in BattleBlock theater?

seven gems
Gems are the main currency in Battleblock Theater. They are large green collectibles that float in the air. Usually levels have seven gems in them but this depends on the level. The player only has to collect three of the gems to be able to exit the level.

What is the best weapon in BattleBlock theater?

The most powerful weapon in Battleblock Theater – The Acid Bubble! With many uses, the bubble can be your favorite weapon easily.

Is BattleBlock theater coming to switch?

Indie developer The Behemoth announced today that Castle Crashers: Remastered will be coming to Nintendo Switch on September 17.

Why is Hatty Hattington always crying?

The fact that Hatty is crying in Castle Crashers means that the game takes place after BattleBlock Theater and that Hatty lost his vegetable-like state. The green laser at the end could be his entrance to the Castle Crashers world.

Can you still get star heads in BattleBlock Theater?

Star head characters (Also known as special characters) are only available through limited distrubution events. The only other way to get one are to play Castle Crashers and/or Alien Hominid HD and get an achievement to get the main character’s head to use.

How long is BattleBlock Theater?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 203 10h 18m
Main + Extras 106 16h 28m
Completionists 19 45h 32m
All PlayStyles 328 14h 20m