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Did Robin Thicke steal Blurred Lines from Marvin Gaye?

Did Robin Thicke steal Blurred Lines from Marvin Gaye?

A US federal appeals court has upheld a copyright infringement verdict against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over the 2013 hit song Blurred Lines, agreeing with lower courts that the song illegally copied from Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give it Up.

Why did Marvin Gaye Sue Blurred Lines?

The Gaye family sued Williams and Robin Thicke, saying the duo stole from “Got To Give It Up” when they wrote and recorded the smash hit “Blurred Lines.” A jury sided with the Gaye family, which won $5.3 million in damages.

How much did Marvin Gaye’s family sue Robin Thicke for?

Marvin Gaye family’s copyright infringement lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams ends in $5 million judgment.

How much money did Marvin Gaye make from blurred lines?

In 2015, the Gaye family won their case. The court ordered Thicke and Williams to pay Gaye’s estate more than $7 million dollars, an amount that was later reduced to $5.3 million.

How much did Pharrell make from blurred lines?

Blurred Lines reached the top of the charts in the US and UK in 2013, becoming Thicke’s biggest hit to date and eventually generating a total of $16.6 million in revenue. Thicke and Williams have earned $5 million each from the song.

How much profit did blurred lines make?

Blurred Lines reached No 1 in the US and UK in 2013, becoming Thicke’s biggest hit to date, eventually generating a total of $16.6m in revenue (with Thicke and Williams earning $5m each).

How much did Robin Thicke pay to Marvin Gaye’s estate?

Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams to pay $5 million to Marvin Gaye estate for ‘Blurred Lines’. The five-year legal battle has ended with a verdict in favor of Martin Gaye’s estate, who sued claiming “Blurred Lines” copied Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”.

When did Blurred Lines by Marvin Gaye come out?

Marvin Gaye wrote and recorded Got To Give It Up in December 1976 and released it as a single in March 1977. Blurred Lines was written and recorded in 2012 and released in March 2013. The writers were Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and the rapper Clifford Harris (a.k.a. T.I.), who added a rap verse to the song.

Is the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke too far?

“Blurred Lines,” which has ruled the Hot 100 for a whopping 11 weeks, clearly evokes 70s funk hits like “Got To Give It Up”… but does it go too far? Listen to both songs again, and vote in the poll below to tell us if “Blurred Lines” takes too much liberty with Gaye’s classic composition.

What was the verdict on the Robin Thicke case?

The Gaye estate was also rewarded half of the song’s running royalties from after the court’s original judgment date, and interest of 0.25% based on the 2015 decision. The Central District’s verdict finishes a legal battle followed by much of the music industry.