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Does DICE camo hide from thermal?

Does DICE camo hide from thermal?

So what’s the big payoff for solving the secret? You get a very special set of camo for your soldier, which was previously only available to DICE employees. Oh, and the camo makes you invisible to thermal scopes, which can be a pretty big deal, especially on the night maps that were released earlier this year.

Can you get the DICE camo bf4?

The grand prize at the end of the long, long tunnel is a special DICE camo normally only available to employees, but even with this solution being posted, it’s unlikely that more than a handful of players will be dedicated enough to get it.

Can I rent a bf4 server?

Server rentals begin at $1.49 for one day, $6.99 for seven days, $24.99 for 30 days and up to $59.99 for 90 days. Players can rent and manage their servers by selecting “My Rented Servers” in the Multiplayer menu.

Is there a Black Dice camo for BF4?

[BF4] BF4 Black Dice Camo!! Did you guys know that now you can unlock the Black Dice camo, doing the Megalodon easter egg on Paracell Storm?

Is the Black Dice Camo thermal proof or thermal proof?

Black Dice camo, the Dice LA camo is unlocked through the Illuminati easter egg, and also, is thermal proof, the Black Dice camo is not thermal proof, but looks good… Do you need to be the one to shoot the light in order to get the camo?

When does the camo appear in Nansha Strike?

By this point, you already unlocked the camo, BUT, you need to wait the map to finish, so, enjoy the rest of the easter egg. So, after the UFO dives in the watter, a few seconds latter, the megalodon will appear jumping, like it does in the Nansha Strike map.

Where do you get the light in Battlefield 4?

You need to shoot the light to get it. You need to be struck by lightning on the 1st wind turbine. Once struck you go to the little island NE of Echo objective. There’ll be a coconut tree with birds on it and you climb up as close to the top as you can. (I pulled my knife out and walked slowly).