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Does NET SEND still work?

Does NET SEND still work?

Net send is no longer used; it wasn’t used in Windows Vista either. Try using the msg command, instead. You can find more information here. The MSG command is only available on Ultimate and Business versions!

How do I send a net message?

To send NET SEND messages, you need to open a Command Prompt and use the NET command with send parameter. Go to the Start menu, click Run, type cmd, and hit ENTER. Type NET SEND and specify the name of a user or a computer name followed by the message text.

How do I send messages from one computer to another on my network?

Here’s how:

  1. Click Start > Run.
  2. Type cmd, and press Enter.
  3. In the window that opens, type Net send followed by the name of the computer to which you wish to send the message.
  4. Next, enter the message. For example, the format should resemble “Net send PC01 can you read this message?”

Does NET SEND still work on Windows 10?

Net Send is not supported on Windows 10. However, there are other messaging services on the internet.

How can I send a text from my computer?

Send a text message

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Open the tab for Messages .
  3. At the top, click Send a message.
  4. Enter a contact’s name or phone number.
  5. To create a group text message, add up to seven names or phone numbers.
  6. At the bottom, enter your message and click Send .

Can you send a message to an IP address?

1 Answer. The answer is No. You would have to send that through an open port on the recipients PC which a firewall would surely block (Windows Firewall, router, etc..). Even if it didn’t get blocked – you’d need something to turn your message from zeros and ones to text – and display it on the users monitor.

Where is net send?

More Help With the Net Send Command

  1. Open the Start menu and right-click My Computer.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Go into the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the Environment Variables button.
  5. Select Path from the list of variables in the System Variables section.
  6. Click Edit below the System Variables section.

Where is the net command?

On Windows CE . NET 4.2, Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0, it is available as an external command stored in \Windows\net.exe.