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Does Samsung S4 have hotspot?

Does Samsung S4 have hotspot?

Read: Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases The Samsung Galaxy S4 can act as a personal hotspot to connect up to 10 devices. To get started you will need to make sure the Galaxy S4 is on an account with the personal hotspot feature enabled. For accounts that are on a Mobile Share plan, the personal hotspot feature is included.

How do I turn my Samsung S4 into a hotspot?

Turn on / off

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Connections tab.
  4. Tap More networks.
  5. Tap Tethering and Mobile HotSpot.
  6. To turn off, tap the Mobile Hotspot Switch to Off.
  7. To turn on, tap the Mobile HotSpot Switch to On.
  8. You must create a password before using the Mobile HotSpot.

Is Sprint hotspot free with unlimited data?

There is no cost to get the new hotspot data, and for Unlimited Plus and Premium users, Sprint will simply add the feature automatically. Those on some of the company’s other, older unlimited plans may need to log into their accounts on Sprint’s website to add the feature.

Does Galaxy S3 have hotspot?

On the S3 click More settings. Click Tethering and portable hotspot. Turn on the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot by sliding the on screen button to the right. To change any of the hotspot settings, tap Configure at the bottom of the screen.

What does Sprint mobile hotspot do for You?

Sprint’s Mobile Hotspot is the personal, secure way to use Wi-Fi for yourself, or to share with others. Learn how to set it up on your phone in just a few steps!

How can I use my Samsung Galaxy S4 as a hotspot?

Using your Samsung Galaxy S4 for tethering consists of three major steps: configuring your phone’s wireless hotspot, activating the hotspot so your phone will push a signal out, and connecting your devices to the newly-activated hotspot.

Where can I use my mobile WiFi hotspot?

It’s easy and goes where you go – like in your car on road trips, to coffee shops, hotels, and more. It’s your personal Wi-Fi to use for yourself or share with others, and it’s secure. Setting it up on your phone takes just a few steps.

Can a Samsung Galaxy S4 be a WiFi router?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, you’re in luck: through a process called tethering, you can create a WiFi network using your phone as a wireless router. There are several important things to remember when tethering.