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How do I update bundler to specific version?

How do I update bundler to specific version?

How to update the bundler version in a Gemfile. lock

  1. Install the latest bundler version: gem install bundler Fetching bundler-2.1.2.gem Successfully installed bundler-2.1.2 1 gem installed.
  2. Update the bundler version in you Gemfile.lock : bundle _2.1.2_ update –bundler.

How do I change the version of Rails?

In Windows: open that “rails” file with text editor you will see —– version = “>= 0” (which means: it opens the highest version of rails, which exist in your ruby gems)

How do I update Gemfile rails?

To move between versions:

  1. Change the Rails version number in the Gemfile and run bundle update .
  2. Change the versions for Rails JavaScript packages in package. json and run yarn install , if running on Webpacker.
  3. Run the Update task.
  4. Run your tests.

What version of Rails do I have?

To find out what the most recent Rails version is, use the command gem search rails | grep “^rails ” . As I am writing this, it is 5.0. 1. Check that the correct version has been installed using bundle exec rails -v which should output Rails 5.0.

How do I update my Rails Gem to 3.0.0?

Since you originally declared a dependency on rails 3.0.0.rc, if you want to update to rails 3.0.0, simply update your Gemfile to gem ‘rails’, ‘3.0.0’ and run: As described above, the bundle install command always does a conservative update, refusing to update gems (or their dependencies) that you have not explicitly changed in the Gemfile.

How can I update my Rails application to newer version?

Your Gemfile specifies the Rails version used by your application. If you have a Rails 4.2.4 application: You can change the Rails version to a newer version of Rails. For example, update it to Rails 4.2.5: The Rails gem will be updated by bundler and the Gemfile.lock file will be updated to record the new gem version.

How to install a specific version of a ruby gem?

To install different version of ruby, check the latest version of package using apt as below: $ gem –version # Check for the current user. $ sudo gem –version # Check globally. If the version is still old, you may try to switch the version to new by using ruby version manager ( rvm) by:

How do I update the version of my gem?

To update dependencies / update gem versions, you then have to explicitly do a bundle update, which will update your Gemfile.lock file. If there wasn’t a Gemfile.lock, deploying code to production would be a major issue because, as you mention, the dependencies and gem versions could change.