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How do you destroy the Lancang dam in Battlefield 4?

How do you destroy the Lancang dam in Battlefield 4?

Lancang Dam Destroy the dam by using explosives and rockets on the large crack in it. This will immediately shut off electricity in the area, disable a battle pickup, reduce visibility, and, of course, change the entire layout of the map.

Where does operation locker take place?

Operation Locker (Chinese: 極地監獄) is a multiplayer map featured in Battlefield 4. The map is set in high-security prison constructed in the Kunlun Mountains of China. It focuses on close-quarters infantry combat, featuring a circular prison area where its main Levolution event involves collapsing the panopticon tower.

How do you pull a trigger in Battlefield 4?

Shoot couple of enemy then on the middle the new objective appears. Then press 3 on the keyboard. The detonator appears. Now you can blow it.

How do you jump on the ladder in Battlefield 4?

Re: BF4 how do you jump off the scaffolding at the dam It took me a couple of tries the first time but run towards the edge and jump towards the ladder (this is before you blow the dam). After you blow the damn the cut scene will have you jump.

What is Levolution bf4?

Levolution is a game-changing concept where the environment reacts to your every move, both big and small. Now you can bring down a whole skyscraper like in the Siege of Shanghai map or raise bollards to stop a tank or jeep from entering a certain area in the same map.

Does Battlefield 1 have Levolution?

Battlefield 1 Terrain deformation is much more pronounced than previous games. While nowhere near the scale as Levolution events in previous games, some of them still alter the flow of the map rather significantly. Examples include destroying an archway on Sinai Desert and destroying the central bridge in Rupture.

What DLC is Operation locker in?

Battlefield 4
Operation Locker is one of ten original Multiplayer Maps in Battlefield 4. It is set within and around a Chinese prison.

Where is the Lancang Dam in Battlefield 4?

Lancang Dam (Chinese: 水壩風雲) is a map featured in Battlefield 4. It is set at the Xiaowan Dam in southwest China. The map’s main Levolution event is the progressive destruction of the dam itself, and the heavy rubble that results.

Where does the Lancang Dam map come from?

Lancang Dam is one of the 10 multiplayer maps Battlefield 4 launched with. The map, although fictional, is loosely based on the Xiaowan Dam in southwest China.

What do you use to destroy Lancang Dam?

Use the random explosives and widen the breach in the dam. You can also use rocket launchers, tank missiles, ground-to-air missiles or dropped C4. But to destroy the dam, you need a lot of missiles. After destroying it, it is possible for vehicles to ride the road in front of the dam.

What kind of vehicles are in Lancang Dam?

This time, the vehicles issued are multiple VDV Buggys, several RHIBs, and 1 T-90A. The Ka-60 that they originally had is no longer of access to them.