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How do you use reliant in a sentence?

How do you use reliant in a sentence?

Reliant in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The ill patient was reliant on his wife for all his medical care.
  2. Although she hated being reliant on others, the woman was thankful for friends she could count on when she had a problem.
  3. After suffering from a stroke, the man was reliant on tubes and machines to stay alive.

What does reliant mean?

: having reliance on something or someone : dependent. Other Words from reliant Example Sentences Learn More About reliant.

What is the given word of Reliant?

susceptible, subservient, relying, ancillary, conditional, conditioned, contingent, provisory, reckoning, relative, subject, subordinate, trusting, appurtenant, counting, depending, incidental to.

What is reliant variable?

Variable rate Variable price plans are often month-to-month contracts with no cancellation fees. This type of plan benefits customers who are willing to compromise on not knowing exactly what their price will be for the added flexibility of a shorter plan term.

Who is a self-reliant person?

If you are self-reliant, you are able to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. She is intelligent and self-reliant, speaking her mind and not suffering fools gladly. Synonyms: independent, capable, self-sufficient, self-contained More Synonyms of self-reliant.

What are some examples of self reliance?

Self reliance is the ability to depend on yourself to get things done and to meet your own needs. An example of self reliance is growing your own food. The capacity to rely on one’s own capabilities, and to manage one’s own affairs; independence not to be dependent. Reliance on one’s own judgment, abilities, etc.

Is the word non reliant?

Non-reliant Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for non-reliant?

standalone independent
unaided self-standing
self-subsistent self-subsisting
self-sufficient self-supported
self-supporting self-sustained

Is reliant past tense?

simple past tense and past participle of rely; archaic spelling of relied.

Is reliant expensive?

Especially since the three “free” electricity plans offered by Reliant are the most expensive 12-month plans the company sells. But outside of those hours, electricity is 24.6 cents per kilowatt hour, about double the 12 cents per kilowatt hour residential customers pay on average in Texas.

Which reliant plan is best?

What are the best Reliant energy plan options? The top four Reliant Energy plans are called “Truly Free Weekends Plan”, “Truly Free Nights Plan”, “Secure Advantage Plan”, and “Clear Flex Plan”. The first option is a year-long fixed-rate option that provides users with free electricity every weekend.

What are the 4 types of self reliance?

How to Develop Self-Reliance

  • Accepting yourself, and being your own best friend.
  • Inner confidence.
  • Making our own decisions.
  • Recognize and manage dependence.
  • Accept yourself for who you are.
  • Having your own values.
  • Not relying on ‘things’ to feel happiness.
  • Decide who you want to be, and how you want to get there.

Can you be too self-reliant?

Being overly self-sufficient may lead one away from opportunities to exchange ideas, receive inspiration, and deepen relationships—all interactions that foster growth. Until recently, mental health professionals often viewed dependence as a weakness.

What does reliant mean in the Cambridge Dictionary?

RELIANT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary reliant definition: 1. needing a particular thing or person in order to continue, to work correctly, or to succeed: 2…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Which is the best example of a Reliant business?

Recent Examples on the Web Those brokerages are also far less reliant on any single source of revenue as Robinhood is with PFOF, instead leaning more on net interest income and other sources of cash flow.

What does it mean to be reliant on technology?

Census data revealed today showed just how reliant we have all become on technology. We need to make the transition towards an energy economy which is not reliant upon fossil fuels.

Who was a self-reliant character in the life of Nelson?

As guileless, though as self- reliant, gentlewomen as sequestered England could produce. The trait is not rare in mankind in general, but it is exceptional in men of a character so self- reliant and decided as Nelson. The Life of Nelson, Vol. I (of 2) | A. T. (Alfred Thayer) Mahan