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How much is a HT Monaro worth?

How much is a HT Monaro worth?

The Monaro GTS 350 is a very desirable model, and yours is a very appealing colour/trim combination with low mileage. Depending on the condition it could be worth as much as $100,000.

What does GTS Monaro stand for?

First generation (1968–1971) First generation. Holden Monaro (HG) GTS. Overview. Also called.

Is a GTS a Monaro?

HZ Monaro (GTS) The coupe was discontinued with the HX so the HZ was only available in sedan form. The HZ Monaro was not actually called a Monaro, it’s official title was the Holden GTS sedan.

How many Hj GTS coupes were made?

The HJ Monaro LS coupe is close to being the rarest regular production car ever made in Australia with only 337 units produced. The HJ Monaro GTS coupe was discontinued during 1975 due to falling demand, 606 examples having been produced….Model Designations.

8WP37 Monaro LS Coupe
8WQ69 Monaro GTS Sedan

How much is a 1969 Holden Monaro worth?

Holden Monaro 1969 Q&As Depending on the condition it could be worth as much as $100,000.

What year was HT Holden made?

The Holden HT series is a range of automobiles which was produced by Holden in Australia between 1969 and 1970….

Holden HT
Also called Holden Belmont Holden Kingswood Holden Premier Holden Brougham Holden Monaro Chevrolet El Camino (South Africa)
Production May 1969–July 1970
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size

What does Monaro mean in Aboriginal?

high plain
The 1968 ‘new generation’ of Holdens saw the release of their first two-door sports coupe, the ‘Monaro’ (from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘high plain’ or ‘high plateau’). It proved to be one of the most popular and enduring GMH cars.

What is the Holden Monaro called in America?

Pontiac GTO
The Goat Is Born Again: We drive Australia’s famous muscle car, the Holden Monaro, which arrives in the U.S. next year as the reborn Pontiac GTO.

How many HX GTS monaros were built?

There was only 12 original completely black hx monaros made.

How much is a 1973 Holden Monaro worth?

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*Private Price Guide $48,200 – $60,100
*Trade In Price Guide $41,000 – $52,900
*Price When New $4,926* Price Guide (EGC)

Is Pontiac GTO a Holden Monaro?

By the time the Pontiac GTO arrived stateside in 2004, the Holden Monaro was already a long-standing legend from the land down under. Though Pontiac’s tribal arrowhead badge replaced the Holden lion, the GTO remained largely unchanged from the popular Monaro.

When was the HT Monaro GTS 350 built?

The provenance appears unquestioned: The HT GTS 350 ( it is listed as car number 81) comes with matching numbers (engine, chassis, etc) and, along with other memorabilia, an original owner’s manual. According to records, it was built in September 1969, just before the Bathurst 500. And the price?

How many miles does a 1969 GTS 350 Bathurst have?

Particularly in GTS 327 or GTS 350 form, these highly-collectable coupes are potent reminders of past glories. Which is why this original-condition low-mileage (42,050 miles) 1969 GTS 350 Bathurst edition that is listed on caught our attention.

What kind of engine does a Holden Monaro GTS have?

The HK’s 327 cubic-inch V8 moved aside for a bigger, more powerful 350 cubic inch Chev-sourced engine that lifted the flagship Monaro GTS 350’s power to 224kW, while two locally-designed and built V8s – a 253 cubic-inch and a 308 cubic-inch – also joined the engine line-up.

When did the Holden HT Monaro come out?

And although the Monaro name was revived in 2001 with the VX Commodore-based V2 series, it’s the first-generation versions, from HK through to HT and the final iteration, the HG model launched in 1970, that have a special place in Australian hearts.