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Is a Branson tractor any good?

Is a Branson tractor any good?

For the most part both the Branson and Mahindra tractors are excellent products, but support has been spotty in most areas. If you have a shop and tools, know your way around equipment, and are willing to dig in and do the mechanical work it makes the decision much easier.

Who makes a Branson tractor?

Kukje Machinery
Branson Tractor was founded in the US in 1998 as a tractor distribution company. Kukje Machinery in South Korea is their parent company and has been in business since 1968. Branson Tractor now has 165 dealerships in the United States and Canada.

Do they still make Branson tractors?

Branson Tractors’ Parent Company Being Sold to TYM Early indications are the Branson and TYM tractors brands will remain separate companies operating under a common owner.

Do Branson tractors use def?

Introducing the New 15 Series Branson Tractors: 3015H tractor with quick attach Branson BL150 quick attatch frontend loader and BH150 Quick Attach Backhoe, 30hp, 4WD, 3 cyl diesel engine, Tier 4 certified – No Blue Def , 3 Range Hst transmission.

Is the Branson 2515H a good tractor?

The Branson 2515H is the newest addition to the 15 series, and it’s a very capable tractor at an incredible price! A new tractor this size at this price is unheard of, and you’ll be even more impressed when you see it in person.

Are Branson tractors made in the USA?

Branson Tractor, known for quality and rugged dependability, are assembled in the United States. In addition, Branson Tractors has three warehouses. The Rome, Georgia location has a warehouse, assembly and distribution center, and the Corporate Office.

Is Branson and Tym the same?

TYM Completes Acquisition of Kukje Machinery. Kukje Machinery is the parent company of Branson Tractors. TYM and Branson will be maintained as separate brands. With the acquisition complete, TYM will supply an estimated 15,000 tractors to North America in 2016.

Is Branson tractor good?

The versatility of the Branson 2900H tractor makes it ideal for a wide variety of situations, from small to larger lifestyle blocks. It is a good option for schools or councils for mowing duties, as well as being capable of other jobs that may need attention.

Are Branson tractors reliable?

Also, a complete line of parts to service every line of Branson tractors is maintained and available for quick shipment. Since Branson tractors are designed to run for decades, reliable parts support is critical and we offer that support. The corporate U.S. headquarters for Branson Tractors is located in Rome, Georgia.

Who makes Branson tractor?

When you choose to purchase a new Branson Tractor, you are not dealing with a distributor but the manufacturer. Branson Tractor is owned by Kukje Machinery, established in 1968. Branson Tractors are built with cast iron axles, transmissions, and rear end housings, along with steel hoods, fenders, and a large open station platform.

What is a Branson tractor?

Branson is a trade name for compact tractors built by the Kukje Machinery Company of South Korea.