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Is AACC a good college?

Is AACC a good college?

1 Community College. Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) has taken the top spot in a national ranking of community colleges by Academic Influence, a team of academics and data scientists providing objective, influence-based rankings for higher education.

Is AACC free?

Although it’s been called “free college,” the scholarship is not for everyone and it doesn’t mean community college is free. Students are responsible for fees, books and housing costs. The scholarship is available only to students who graduated from high school or a GED program within two years of applying.

Where is AACC Sun building?

Arnold, Maryland
Our Home in Arnold, Maryland. Located on 230-acres in Arnold, Maryland, our campus includes 10 academic buildings, a gymnasium, student services center, student union, astronomy lab, a 389-seat performing arts center, library, two art galleries, nature trail and a 3,000-seat athletic field.

Is Anne Arundel Community College Virtual?

Degrees and Certificates Online AACC has many degrees and certificates available online. Complete available programs fully online or take in combination with traditional in-person courses and/or hybrid courses.

How many students are at AACC?

50,575 (2015)
Anne Arundel Community College/Total enrollment

What is an academic influence?

Academic Influence, which launched its website last year, ranks colleges and makes subject-specific recommendations to people searching for a school. The rankings are based on how often a school’s professors, students or alumni are mentioned in crowd-sourced databases like Wikipedia.

What is full-time at AACC?

12 credit hours
Anne Arundel Community College designates a full-time student as one enrolled for the equivalent of 12 credit hours. Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours are classified as part time.

What is a last dollar scholarship?

A last dollar scholarship is awarded to a student whose official Expected Family Contribution (EFC), located on your Student Aid Report, and financial aid packages totals are less than the cost of tuition and fees. …

Is the AACC Bookstore open?

Currently closed due to the Pandemic.

Who was the first president of Anne Arundel Community College?

Andrew G. Truxal
Andrew G. Truxal became the first president. He focused on creating a liberal arts curriculum that would transfer to four-year institutions. He also developed career programs, including nursing, the first allied health program.

What is Anne Arundel Community College known for?

AACC was nationally recognized as a leader in cybersecurity education, workforce training and for student excellence.

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