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Is Obo Addy alive?

Is Obo Addy alive?

Deceased (1936–2012)
Obo Addy/Living or Deceased

Who is Obo Abby?

He taught music at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon….

Obo Addy
Born January 15, 1936 Accra, Ghana
Died September 13, 2012 (aged 76) Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Genres Worldbeat
Occupation(s) Musician, dancer, professor

Who is Obo Addy and where is he from?

Born in 1936 in Accra, the capital of Ghana, Addy was the son of a Wonche medicine man, and by the age of six was designated as a drummer. Addy’s family was part of the Ga ethnic group, and he was raised playing in the musical traditions of the Ga people.

Which musician is called Obo?

Whether you know him as David Adeleke, Omo Baba Olowo (O.B.O) or Davido, the same thing comes to mind, he is a superstar. The Nigerian music star who was born on this day in 1992 has come a long way since he came into the spotlight in 2011 with his hit song, Dami Duro.

Is yonda still in DMW?

Yonda is signed to Davido Music Worldwide (DMW Records). DMW Records which is a home to the likes of Davido, Mayorkun, Dremo, Peruzzi Idowest and Yonda, with Ichaba among st others is owned and manage by Davido .

What is the nickname of Davido?

4. Davido ‘OBO’ This is an abbreviation for the words ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ which means ‘child of a wealthy man’ and is not only associated with Davido but was popularised by him following the success of his breakout single Dami Duro.

How do I get signed to a DMW record label?

How To Get Signed To DMW Record Labels

  1. Hit the studio and record a song (if you don’t have one already).
  2. Follow Davido on Instagram and/or Twitter.
  3. Like his posts (every single one of them) and ensure to leave catchy comments that will attract his attention.

Who is the owner of HKN?

Along with his elder brother Adewale Adeleke, Davido is the co-owner of HKN Music (a record label home to Sina Rambo, B. Red and DeeKay). Davido has produced songs for Naeto C, Skales, Tiwa Savage and Sauce Kid. In April 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria.

How can I join a record label?

How to get signed to a record label

  1. Find your own style as a recording artist.
  2. Get in the recording studio.
  3. Make your live show amazing.
  4. Make the best music that you can.
  5. Practice recording and performing.
  6. Learn more about record label deals.
  7. Make your branding consistent.
  8. Be active on social media.