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Is the Barrett REC7 a good rifle?

Is the Barrett REC7 a good rifle?

It was also consistent, something that is not always true with piston-driven AR rifles. Shooting from kneeling at 50 yards, the REC7 was well balanced and maintained superb accuracy. Sporting a heavier barrel, you might expect the carbine to be heavy, but that’s not the case at all.

How much is a Barrett REC10?

With an MSRP of approximately $2,750, it’s not an inexpensive gun, but in my opinion, it’s worth every dime. To be fair, it falls in line with other elite guns in the same platform. Everything about the REC10 is high quality — it’s well-made and built to last.

How accurate is the Barrett m99?

The Model 99’s superb accuracy is confirmed in setting a world record in 1,000 yards . 50BMG competition with a group of 5 shots being only 4.09 inch (104 mm) small. As for the maintenance, the simple Model 99 comes with only a few moving parts.

Does Barrett make a 308?

Barrett MRAD 308 Specs: Caliber: 308 WIN (and others) Capacity: 10 rounds. Weight: 11.68 pounds. Barrel twist: 1:10.

Is the Barrett 50 cal Bullpup?

“Barrett Firearms Introduces Bullpup Semi-Auto .50 BMG Anti-Materiel/Sniper Rifle”.

What kind of SPC does a Barrett REC7 di have?

Available in 5.56 NATO, 6.8 SPC, and 300 BLK, every REC7 DI is hand built one at a time, inspected, and tested to ensure it lives up to the quality and reliability you expect from the Barrett name.

What is the strike face of a REC7 Barrett?

The one-piece 17-4 stainless piston interfaces with a strike face that has been machined into the monolithic, anti-tilt bolt carrier. Reengineered and reinforced for piston applications, the TB-41 DLC coated, anti-tilt, full auto bolt carrier is machined from a solid block of 8620 steel with an integrated piston strike face.

What kind of platform does a Barrett gun use?

Barrett performance on a gas-piston AR platform. Barrett performance on a direct impingement AR platform.

What’s the difference between REC7 and direct impingement firearms?

Unlike direct impingement firearms that release gas into the upper receiver, the REC7 piston vents excess gas forward at its patented chrome-lined, fluted gas block, resulting in cleaner, cooler, lower-maintenance operation.