Common questions

Is the giant Lord required?

Is the giant Lord required?

He drops the Giant’s Kinship, which will allow you to enter the final boss fight (having beaten the Throne Defender & Throne Watcher). It is required for progression.

What is the giant Lord weak to?

His weakness is Fire, though he is still easy to kill with Miracles and Sorcery, especially with a high casting speed.

Is the giant Lord optional?

Giant Lord This boss is not optional since it gives you the Giant’s Kinship needed to access the final boss.

What is the Rottens weakness?

The Rotten has high resistances to non-physical damage, but has a weakness to thrust damage. Try using a rapier or a spear for a good damage output. When backing up, The Rotten will move his left hand in front of him.

How do you summon a giant Lord?


  1. Captain Drummond can be summoned for the fight, once the player has exhausted his dialogue in the Memory of Vammar. His summon sign is right outside the fog gate.
  2. Benhart of Jugo can also be summoned once his dialogue is exhausted outside the Memory of Orro, as well as within the same memory.

Is the last giant the giant Lord?

The Giant Lord, also known as the Last Giant, is a major antagonist in Dark Souls II. The leader of the giants, he was responsible for laying waste to the kingdom of Drangleic in retaliation for Vendrick’s cruelty to his land and people.

How do you Respawn a giant Lord?

With a full set of soul raising equipment maximum amount is 507,882 souls. Making the Giant Lord an effective way to farm souls. Player can use the Bonfire Ascetic found in Memory of Jeigh on the Forest of Fallen Giants bonfire, The Place Unbeknownst, respawning the Giant Lord and the rest of the memories endlessly.

Is the rotten the sunken king?

The Rotten, formerly known as Gryth or the Sunken King, is a major antagonist of Dark Souls II. Once the king of Shulva, he was revived as an abomination of merged hollow flesh given life by the soul of Gravelord Nito, expanding his immortality by forcing hollows into his body to join his hive mind.

Can the rotten be parried?

User Info: jondd19. Larger enemies cannot be parried, as well as most bosses–however very, very few unblockable attacks exist in this game.

Who is the Giant Lord in Dark Souls 2?

The Giant Lord appears to be the leader of the Giants who invaded Drangleic. He’s quite a lot bigger and more slender than most other Giants. Unlike every other Giant, the Giant Lord wields a huge sword as opposed to the crude clubs most commonly seen in use by the Giants.

Where do you get the soul of the Giant Lord?

Soul of the Giant Lord, who once conquered Drangleic. The Giants landed on the northern shores, and set siege to King Vendrick’s castle to claim an invaluable prize. Use the special soul of this Giant to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth.

How big are the giant souls in Dark Souls?

Possessing colossal strength, their willpower is said to be as strong as steel and their souls are incredibly powerful. Their heads are largely absent of facial features, apart from a large gaping mouth-like hole at the center.

Can You farm a giant Lord in Dark Souls 2?

You cannot use the above farm to gather multiple Souls of a Giant, however you can use the Giant Lord Soul as a method of acquiring more souls per run. In Vammar’s Memory, on roof with two pyromancers is Bonfire Ascetic, so if you take Ascetic in both memories, it can be a way to farm Ascetics.