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What country has a theocracy?

What country has a theocracy?

Contemporary examples of theocracies include Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Vatican. See also church and state; sacred kingship.

Which countries are Islamic?

The most populous Muslim countries are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. The number of Muslims in Indonesia alone (175 million) exceeds the combined total in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, the traditional heartlands of Islam.

Which country is best for Islam?

Islam is the dominant religion in the Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. India is the country with the largest Muslim population outside Muslim-majority countries with more than 200 million adherents.

How many countries are theocracies?

7 Countries With A Theocratic Government Today

  1. Yemen.
  2. Vatican City.
  3. Sudan.
  4. Saudi Arabia.
  5. Mauritania.
  6. Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a theocractic government.
  7. Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the world’s most notable examples of a theocracy.

What is good about theocracy?

Pros of Theocracy No one political party or organization can come into power and what the rulers say is the law. Theocratic systems rely on leadership from a deity which they believe to be all-knowing and very wise. People in a theocracy believe that their deity will never mislead them.

What government is oligarchy?

Broadly speaking, an oligarchy is a form of government characterized by the rule of a few persons or families. More specifically, the term was used by Greek philosopher Aristotle in contrast to aristocracy, which was another term to describe rule by a privileged few.

Who are the major Islamic countries in the world?

Today, an Islamic state may include modern political traditions, such as having a parliament or a President. These countries have used Islamic law to define every area of government, including the Constitution. The major Islamic states are Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Mauritania, and Yemen.

Is the Islamic Republic of Iran a theocratic state?

Despite sharing the “Islamic republic” name, the countries differ greatly in their governments and laws, and of the four only Iran is a religious theocratic state. As a term, it has come to mean several different things, some contradictory to others.

Which is the only theocracy in the world?

Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a theocractic government. This means that the constitution denotes that the ruler of the state is best qualified to interpret Islam and to ensure that the people of the state strictly adhere to its principles.

Which is the first country to be called an Islamic Republic?

Map showing countries with “Islamic Republic” in their official titles. An Islamic republic is the name given to several states that are officially ruled by Islamic laws, including the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Mauritania. Pakistan first adopted the title under the constitution of 1956.