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What does the idiom run out of steam mean?

What does the idiom run out of steam mean?

to suddenly lose the energy or interest to continue doing what you are doing: The peace talks seem to have run out of steam. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is the idiom of run out?

To be depleted of something; to use or sell all of something that is available. Often followed by “of (something).” We better stop at the next exit to make sure we don’t run out of gas. The store ran out of bottled water and canned food after the government issued their warning about the storm.

Had ran out meaning?

intransitive verb. 1a : to come to an end : expire time ran out. b : to become exhausted or used up the gasoline ran out. 2 : to jut out. transitive verb.

What is the meaning of the idiom Saved by the Bell?

said when something happens at the last possible moment which allows you to escape from a difficult situation. There was another period of silence. It was broken by the sound of Eleanor’s car pulling up outside the front door. `Saved by the bell,’ I said.

What is the phrasal verb of run over?

transitive to hit someone or something with a vehicle and drive over them. be/get run over: Keeley was run over by a car outside her house. Synonyms and related words. To hit, or to crash into something.

What is another word for ran out?

What is another word for ran out?

finished depleted
dissipated exhausted
went lapsed
dried up petered out
wasted away wore out

What ran off?

intransitive to suddenly leave a place or person. Their dad ran off when they were little. Synonyms and related words. To leave a place or person quickly or suddenly.

What does ran on mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to talk or narrate at length. 2 : to keep going : continue. transitive verb. 1 : to continue (matter in type) without a break or a new paragraph : run in.

What does no Saved by the Bell mean?

Saved by the bell means to escape catastrophe through a last-minute intervention. The phrase saved by the bell is derived from the sport of boxing. When a boxer is knocked to the ground, he must get back to his feet before the referee counts to ten or the victory will be awarded to his opponent.

Idiom Definition. “to run out of steam”. for a person – to have no physical energy or interest to continue; for a thing – to lose momentum and slowly stop.

When does an idea run out of steam?

2) You run out of steam when you work too hard. 3) He runs out of steam when he starts strong and doesn’t save any energy for the finish. 4) She runs out of steam when she doesn’t eat properly. 5) An idea runs out of steam when everyone loses interest.

What happens when a process runs out of steam?

Fig. to lose momentum and fail. Toward the end of the lecture, he seemed to run out of steam, leaving us with no summary or conclusion. 1. If a process or activity runs out of steam, it becomes weaker, slower, or less active, and often stops completely.

When does a lawyer run out of steam?

The lawyer ran out of steam in his argument in the first phase of the case and so it was not a surprise that he lost. The politician run out of steam to take any action as soon as the elections get over. I have seen it happen over and over again. How can you run out of steam on such an important project?