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What is a sub divisional officer?

What is a sub divisional officer?

The Sub-divisional Officer(Civil) is the chief civil officer of the Sub-Division. The powers and responsibilities of the Sub Divisional Officer relating to revenue, magisterial, executive and development matters within his jurisdiction, are analogous to those of the Deputy Commissioner.

What is a SDO in India?

SDO: Sub Divisional Officer SDO stands for Sub Divisional Officer. He or she is the head of the sub-division of a govt. Organization. The post of SDO can be found in many government departments such as Electricity Board, PWD irrigation, etc. Alone SDO is same as the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate).

How can I become a SDO officer?

SDO is Sub Divisional Officer. To become an SDO you need to qualify Public Service Commission Exam (PSC) or State Civil Services Exam conducted by your State Government. You are eligible for the exam if have completed a bachelor’s degree and you are between the age limit of 21-30 years.

Is SDO a gazetted officer?

Class II or Group B (Gazetted)Example – Doctors (state govt service), Drugs Inspector (state govt service), SDO, BDO,Dy. SP, Tahsildars etc. Class IV or Group D (Non-Gazetted) – Manual workers (skilled or semiskilled)Example – Peon, attender, gardener, driver assistant grade III (fCI) etc.


SDO are revenue officer. (c) SDO is the chief civil officer of the sub-division and One can be appointed in different departments of government like civil, electricity, engineering, water, (CPWD), central public works department Department of posts, MES (Military Engineering Services), etc.

Is SDO exam tough?

Getting recruited through the exam is tough as you have to compete against numerous candidates and it the procedure is difficult. Students are required to go through three different round of examinations, Prelims, Mains and Interview round.

What is the salary of SDO in West Bengal?

An SDO receives average salary of Rs. 23, 640/- per month excluding allowances and grades. It is an entry level salary for the newly recruited officer.

What is the role of Sub-Divisional Officer ( India )?

Like the District Collector, he is the voice of the government in his own sub-division. He is a link between the District Collector and the Tahsildar in revenue matters and the District Magistrate and the Station Officer in matters relating to law and order.

Who is the chief civil officer of a sub-division?

The Sub-Divisional Officer is the chief civil officer of the sub-division. In fact, he is a miniature Deputy Commissioner of the sub-division. He is competent to correspond direct with the government and other departments on routine matters. He has to perform executive, magisterial and revenue duties.

Who is the Sub Divisional Magistrate of a district?

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a title which is sometimes given to the head official of a district subdivision, an administrative officer that is sometimes below the level of district, depending on a country’s government structure. SDM is generally an officer of PCS ranking. Each district is divided into tehsil.

Which is the headquarters of a sub division in India?

Here, the headquarters of the sub-division is usually located within the sub-division itself. This type came into existence during the earliest phase of the British rule in India and has since continued. Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam and Rajasthan represent this type.