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What is the official Facebook email address?

What is the official Facebook email address?

Today, at a press conference announcing the social network’s new messaging service, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said is Facebook’s new corporate email domain. Previously, if you wanted to email a Facebook employee, you would reach them at a [email protected] address.

How do I send an email to Facebook support?

[email protected] – This is a very basis support email and you should be very, very detailed about your issue if you use this general email address. [email protected] – This email address is specifically for financial issues that are related to your Facebook activities.

How can I send an email to Facebook?

How to Send an Email You Received to Facebook

  1. Start your email application.
  2. Open the email message you’d like to send to Facebook, then click the “Forward” option.
  3. Type this address in the “To” field: [email protected].

How do I email to Facebook?

Why do I need a fake Facebook account?

There are many reasons why people need a fake facebook account. We will show how to register on Facebook without a phone number and using only fake email. Before you start keep in mind that facebook does not like when one person creates many accounts, but if you carefully do this and follow the instructions of this article you will succeed.

Is there a fake email generator for Facebook?

You can also use Fake Email Generator for Facebook to avoid this problem. There are no problems since we have an unlimited number of mailboxes. We go to the Fake email generator and select another fake email. Everything is almost ready. Facebook has redirected us to confirm email page “Enter the code from your email”.

Can a fake Facebook e-mail lead to malware?

But e-mail notifications are also a security risk. If an attacker can create a realistic-looking imitation of a Facebook notification, you might find yourself clicking on a link that can lead to malware or attempt to steal your login credentials.

How to contact the Facebook email support team?

Here are some very important Forms to contact Facebook email Support Team. If you would like to report inappropriate or abusive things you see on Facebook or you would like to report a violation of Facebook usage, use this form to contact Facebook support team for help