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What mod does SSundee use for Pixelmon?

What mod does SSundee use for Pixelmon?

Pixelmongo is a mod made for SSundee, Mr. Crainer and Captain sparkles for their pixelmon youtube series, it adds 2 different kind of pokestops from Pokemon go to the world and the loot pools for the pokestops can be configured using json.

What Pixelmon mod is the best?

10 Minecraft Mods That Every Pokemon Fan Has To Try

  • 8 Bidoof Totem Of Undying.
  • 7 PokeCube Revival.
  • 6 PokemonMD.
  • 5 Pixelmon.
  • 4 PokeTournament.
  • 3 Pixelmon Reforged.
  • 2 PokeCraft Reforged.
  • 1 Pixelmon Generations.

How much damage does a Netherite axe do with sharpness 5?

Netherite axe deals 10 base damage (15 crit), and enchanted with Sharpness V, 13 points. A critical hit with enchanted axe will deal 18 points of damage.

Does an axe do more damage than a sword in Minecraft bedrock?

Axes only do more damage on Java because they have longer cooldown. On Bedrock everything has the same attack cooldown, none, so swords are stronger. If swords did less damage than axes on Bedrock, they might as well just remove them.

Whats the biggest mod in Minecraft?

Nah, if you want the biggest mod ever then your looking for Advent of Ascension also known as Nevermine 2. Its a huge mod, takes up 40 megabytes, it also has over 20 dimensions and over 20 bosses. over 300 mobs and over 400 items.

What can I do with mods for Pixelmon?

Adds a Pokémon Day Care feature to Pixelmon. Merges PokéDollars and Sponge currency plugins. Allows player Gym Leaders to be set up. Adds the Global Trade System to Pixelmon. Adds a server ban list for specified mods. Allows Pokémon and items to be given out as server-wide gifts.

Who is the owner of ssundee Pixelmon YouTube?

© 2021 Google LLC Ssundee – Pixelmon – YouTube Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Why are the sidemods on Pixelmon no longer working?

Creates heart particles around players and allows Rare Candy to be sent from player to player. These sidemods broke due to deep changes to Pixelmon or related mods/frameworks, and are no longer maintained. Adds a server ban list for specified mods. No longer works due to Forge changes.

How to download Pixelmon reforged 8.2 mod for Minecraft?

Download and install the latest Minecraft Forge Installer. Open up finder, Press Command+Shift+G, Copy and paste this code in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft; Download the Pixelmon Mod; Place the .zip file inside the minecraft/mods/ directory. Open Minecraft and Run the Minecraft Forge profile you made with the installer to run.