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What number has never been worn in the NHL?

What number has never been worn in the NHL?

87. Perhaps the most identifiable number in the NHL today, the No. 87 has not been worn by many. In fact, other than Sidney Crosby, only Pierre Turgeon and Donald Brashear have worn it.

Is number 42 retired in all sports?

Jackie Robinson, the first black player in the modern era of Major League Baseball, had his number 42 retired league-wide in 1997. The only other exception to this retirement is on April 15, the anniversary of Robinson’s MLB debut, when all uniformed personnel (players, managers, coaches, umpires) wear 42.

What does 99 mean in hockey?

Wayne Gretzky’s No. 99 has been retired across the NHL, unable to be worn by anyone in the league in honor of the game’s most recognizable player and inarguably one its greatest. Gretzky is the only player with that honor, but, if it were up to him, he’d have some company.

When did Andrew Desjardins sign with the Sharks?

On June 26, 2010, the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, the parent team of the Worcester Sharks, signed Desjardins as a free agent.

Where does the Desjardin’s sailfin tang live?

Habitat: Natural geographic location: The Desjardin’s Sailfin Tang, also known as the Red Sea Sailfin Tang or Indian Sailfin Surgeonfish, was described by Bennett in 1836. They are found in the Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea; east to India, Java, and Cocos-Keeling Islands though not Christmas Island.

Where does Andrew Desjardins play in the NHL?

Andrew Desjardins. Andrew Desjardins (born July 27, 1986) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centreman who is currently playing with the Adler Mannheim of the German DEL.

Can a Desjardin’s sailfin be added to a community aquarium?

The Desjardin’s Sailfin Tang or Red Sea Sailfin Tang makes a wonderful addition to the marine aquarium, especially a large community aquarium. It is relatively peaceful and will get along with a wide variety of like minded tank mates, but should be added last.