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When did the Attitude Era start in WWE?

When did the Attitude Era start in WWE?

On this page you find the full WWE Roster during the Attitude Era (November 1997 – April 2002). This includes the list of all WWE Superstars from Raw and SmackDown, division between Men and Women Roster, as well as Managers, Announcers, Authority figures, Producers and other personalities in World Wrestling Entertainment.

How many characters are there in WWF Attitude?

Complete WWF Attitude Roster Page – Full WWF Attitude Roster for PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Dreamcast, featuring all the 42 characters profiles of the WWE Wrestlers and Divas available in the game! Say something here… characters left. Loading comment…

Who was the owner of the WWF during the Attitude Era?

The creative side of the product during the early stages of the era was spearheaded by Russo, WWF owner Vince McMahon, and Jim Cornette, who drastically changed the way WWF television was written.

Who are the tag teams in WWF Attitude?

Well first off the majority of your list weren’t even in WWF when the game was being made. Secondly Funaki and TAKA weren’t a tag team until summer/fall of 98 which was after the games completion. Regal was the only one you named that was originally in the game but was removed with the more current Christian and Big Boss Man.

When did the WWF start using the attitude logo?

The WWF Attitude logo, used from November 1997 to May 2002. The Attitude Era was a period in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and professional wrestling history that began as a direct result of the Monday Night Wars and culminated with the conclusion of the Wars in 2001.

When did the Attitude Era start and end?

On April 1, 2001 at WrestleMania X-Seven, Austin, who had been synonymous with the Attitude Era, embraced his long time archenemy Vince McMahon after defeating The Rock to become WWF Champion once again, turning heel and concluding a rivalry which had lasted since 1997.

How to see the WWE roster by year?

Our complete Pro Wrestlers Database allows you to travel through time and see the WWE Roster by Year or any specific Date in history. Simply use the filters below! The profile of each WWE wrestler features their Career History, Ring Names, Face / Heel Turns, Accomplishments, Pictures, Bio and more information and statistics.