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Where does Kelly Hyland live now?

Where does Kelly Hyland live now?

Naples, Florida
She now lives in Naples, Florida. In 2020, Kelly along with fellow former dance Moms Melissa Ziegler, Jill Vertes, and Holly Hatcher-Frazier began hosting a podcast titled Because Mom Said So.

Where is Kelly hylands husband?

Kelly Hyland (Brooke and Paige’s mom) is married to Randy Hyland. Randy is both Brooke and Paige’s father, and he works at Hy-Tech Sales Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA.

Is Kelly Hyland rich?

Still, Kelly reportedly has a net worth in the $1 million to $5 million range. It’s not totally clear where she gets all that money from, but her fame and notoriety after leaving Dance Moms may have something to do with it.

Are Kelly and Christi still best friends?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Vertes revealed that she is absolutely still close with Lukasiak and Hyland revealed that the pair talk all the time.

How did Kelly Hyland become famous as a mom?

Many times moms gain fame and popularity because of the talents of their kids. Something similar happened to gorgeous Kelly Hyland. She is a mother of Brooke and Paige. Brooke had begun her dancing career at the age of nine and Paige made her appearance on the Dance Moms at a very young age. Kelly’s children became stars on Lifetime ’s Dance Moms.

How old was Kelly Hyland when she started dancing?

Kelly Hyland is the wife of Randy Hyland, and mother of Brooke, Josh, and Paige Hyland. She began dancing at Maryen Lorrain Miller ‘s dance studio at the age of two and became one of the Abby Lee Miller ‘s original ALDC dancers at the age of eight, but she quit at age fourteen to become a cheerleader.

How many kids does Kelly Hyland have?

Kelly is a proud mother of three children Brooke, Josh and Paige. She is very supportive of her children and Kelly is back support for their daughters who dare to reach every part of the world to prove their excellence. Kelly is keen herself because even she danced for more than thirty years at the Abby Miller Dance Company.

Where can I find Kelly Hyland on social media?

[email protected] Facebook-KellyHyland snapchat – kellyhyland1 Twitter- kellyhyland Podcast-becausemomsaidso4