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Where is Ahmed Alsanawi from?

Where is Ahmed Alsanawi from?

After emigrating from Iraq in the 2000s, Ahmed and his wife set-up A Star Barbers, initially cutting hair for Chelsea’s U23 squad. His skills saw a call-up to the first team squad, and now Alsanawi and his team trim the heads of numerous footballers across the world.

Who is Pogba’s barber?

Ahmed Alsanawi
Giving Jose Mourinho a trim on the day he was sacked as Chelsea manager, cutting the hair of the France team on their way to World Cup glory and crafting Paul Pogba’s latest style sensation, Ahmed Alsanawi is the barber to football’s biggest superstars.

How much is A Star Barbers worth?

According to A STAR BARBERS LTD latest financial report submitted on 2019-08-31,the company has Net Worth of £15,011.00.

Who owns A Star Barbers?

Ahmed Alsanawi first caught our attention when we discovered he was Paul Pogba’s barber of choice. The owner of A Star Barbers has also cut the hair of Chelsea stars John Terry, Eden Hazard, Benjamin Mendy and most recently Danny Drinkwater. After much success, Ahmed opened a new shop two weeks ago.

Where does pogba get his hair done?

If you want to have your hair cut in the fashion of Pogba, it is possible to go to the same barber as him. The Manchester United midfielder’s current barber is Ahmed Alsanawi, who owns A Star Barbers, an establishment based in Chessington in Greater London.

Who is pogba wife?

Zulay Pogba (@zulaypogba) • Instagram photos and videos.

Which footballer has best hairstyle?

Granit Xhaka’s Slick Taper Midfielder Granit Xhaka knows that this slick taper fade is the best footballer hairstyle to rock on and off the pitch.

Are footballers allowed haircuts during lockdown?

‘Haircuts are not required in order to play sport’: The Government clarifies rules for footballers. Footballers who appear on TV for football matches will be in breach of lockdown rules if they have a haircut ahead of a match, the Government has said.

How are footballers getting haircuts in lockdown?

Premier League footballers have been able to get regular haircuts by using a loophole in the Covid-19 guidelines that have been placed on the general public. However, there is loophole that will avoid any wrongdoing, and it appears as though players have clocked on to the rules that can be used by TV stars.

Why does Paul Pogba wear an arm sleeve?

“It started with the pain, I had the pain [in the left elbow],” the midfielder explained. “It actually started with my right elbow, so I put it on my right, and I had the same problem with my left, so I started playing with this to get it warm instead of the strapping. It’s tight on my elbow.