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Where is the dragon priest vokun?

Where is the dragon priest vokun?

Vokun is a high-ranked dragon priest found in High Gate Ruins, east of Solitude and northeast of Ustengrav.

How do you get to vokun in Skyrim?

Vokun can be encountered within the Nordic ruin of High Gate Ruins. This quest involves helping Anska retrieve a scroll from deep within the ruins. Proceeding through the ruin will eventually lead to Vokun’s Throne Room, where Vokun is awoken.

Where do I put the dragon priest masks?

The restored Dragon Priest Shrine displays the busts of eight dragon priests found throughout Skyrim. On defeat in combat, any named Dragon Priest will drop the mask that they wore. These masks can then be brought to the shrine and displayed on their respective bust on the shrine.

What is the best dragon priest mask?

Skyrim: Every Dragon Priest Mask, Ranked

  1. 1 Konahrik. The greatest Dragon Priest mask of all, Konahrik, an expression that refers to “Warlord”, is also rather unique in aesthetic when related with others of its kind.
  2. 2 Volsung.
  3. 3 Morokei.
  4. 4 Otar.
  5. 5 Nahkriin.
  6. 6 Krosis.
  7. 7 Miraak.
  8. 8 Rahgot.

What are the 8 dragon priest masks?


Priest/Mask Name Location
Morokei Labyrinthian in Hjaalmarch during The Staff of Magnus
Nahkriin Skuldafn in Other Realm during The World-Eater’s Eyrie
Otar Ragnvald in The Reach.
Rahgot Forelhost in The Rift.

Can you improve dragon priest daggers?

The Dragon Priest Dagger is a one-handed dagger that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Like the silver sword and silver greatsword, it is one of the few weapons that can neither be crafted nor upgraded.

What does Hevnoraak mean?

Hevnoraak is an iron dragon priest mask gained by killing Hevnoraak within the Nordic Ruin of Valthume. The enchantment provides poison and disease immunity for all diseases and poisons except for ones that ignore disease and poison resistance.

Where to find the vokun mask in Skyrim?

Vokun ( Dragon Language: , “Shadow”) is a dragon priest mask found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . This mask can be acquired from the Dragon Priest Vokun who can be found within High Gate Ruins during the quest ” A Scroll For Anska “. Wearing this mask grants the following skill bonuses:

Where can I find vokun the dragon priest?

Vokun (Dovahzul: , “Shadow”) is a dragon priest mask found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Where to find the Dragon Priest mask in Skyrim?

Skyrim: Dragon Priest Mask Locations. Location: Ragnvald-just north of Markarth. Uses a shock spell and a Lighting Wall staff. Mask: Heavy Armor. Location: Forelhost-southeast of Riften. Upon arrival to the ruins, you’ll see either an Imperial or Stormcloak officer who ask you to retrieve the powerful mask within the dungeon.

What kind of armor does a dragon priest wear?

Each mask is unique in color and varies in smithing material. Each mask is named after their respective master and has unique effects; they are defined as either light or heavy armor . All dragon priest masks require the Arcane Blacksmith perk to upgrade.