Common questions

Who is research verified and what do they do?

Who is research verified and what do they do?

Research Verified is a vitamin and supplement manufacturer in the USA. Research Verified carries different supplements to help with health related issues. All products are manufactured in the USA and are cGMP certified.

Which is the best research verified supplement company?

Research Verified aims to be a customer friendly supplement manufacturer and they are no doubt on the right path with the policies and of course, their high-quality products in place. All in all, Research Verified is a solid and reliable manufacturer that should be on your shortlist of brands whenever you need supplements and other health products.

What is the satisfaction rate of research verified?

Judging by product reviews and customer testimonials, there is an incredibly high success and satisfaction rate with Research Verified’s products. More than 89% of users have given Research Verified a five-star rating.

Is there a money back guarantee with research verified?

You can continue to trust Research Verified even once you’ve received your supplement and have begun taking it. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with your order, Research Verified offers a 365 day 100% money back guarantee.

Are there any supplements made by research verified?

Research Verified manufactures their own supplements and has a large product line that includes supplements for every ailment and affliction from hair growth to weight loss to colon cleanses. Research Verified has very strict standards for an item to be included in its varied product line.

Are there any surprises with research verified credit card?

With Research Verified, there are no surprises when you open your mailbox or your credit card statement. You’ll only ever be billed when you order something. Speaking of no surprises, Research Verified is a company that is not afraid of being thoroughly inspected by its customers.