Can a sliderider be used as a slide?

Can a sliderider be used as a slide?

The SlideRider is an indoor slide that you can attach to your stairs and turn them into a giant slide, and will surely be the greatest toy imaginable for any child. The SlideRider is currently in… SlideRider Turns Your Stairs Into A Slide

Who are the inventors of the sliderider?

The SlideRider is currently in a concept phase and was designed by a group of inventors at Quirky, where a group of people come together to collaborate on an idea for a product and work together to bring it to fruition.

Is the quirky sliderider going to be a reality?

In 2014, Trisha launched her concept on Quirky on her bid to make this project a reality. Despite the product’s popular demand , Quirky announced that the SlideRider did not meet safety standards during the testing stage. Hence, the project failed to come into fruition. Yes, we are bummed as much as you do.

How big is a classic XL slip and slide?

LONGER: Our much loved, classic XL slip and slide measures 31′ x 5.2′, has a central sprinkler channel, an inflatable crash pad, twin laces for racing and is an ideal next level upgrade on standard slip and slides. ROBUST: Entirely made of a heavy duty 0.22mm PVC, 38% thicker and heavier than industry standard.

Can a stairslide be used as a slide?

Stairslide is the easy way to turn your stairs into a playground. Turn your stairs into a slide with Stairslide! Stairslide’s patent-pending nesting design allows for unlimited extensions of Stairslide. Each long-lasting Stairslide section covers 3 stair steps; as long as you have enough Stairslides you can cover almost any staircase.

Is the sliderider staircase a mass produced product?

SlideRider also needs a manufacturer to turn it into a mass-produced product that can be brought to store shelves and online retailers like Amazon. I hope this brilliant invention is available soon because just like my favorite toy growing up was the staircase, my kids seem to be drawn to the stairs too.