Can EnduroShield be used on mirrors?

Can EnduroShield be used on mirrors?

Yes it can. EnduroShield after-market applicators can apply EnduroShield to new and existing glass surfaces. When applied, EnduroShield will prevent the glass from deteriorating and will make it much easier to maintain.

What is EnduroShield made of?

OUR PASSION. We are passionate about making surfaces easy to clean! EnduroShield glass coating, grout sealer, and stainless steel coating creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield.

How do you remove Endurshield from glass?

The only way to remove the coating is by removing molecules of glass, such as scratching the glass or using a rough, gritty or abrasive cleaner.

Can you use vinegar on EnduroShield?

A solution of white vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 4 parts water) should be sprayed onto the glass and allowed to soak for several minutes. This will dissolve any mineral deposits that have built up on the glass surface. In these harshest of water environments, EnduroShield is a great choice.

What is the best product for cleaning shower screens?

A mixture of baking soda and water creates a super-effective and inexpensive cleaning product. The measurements will depend on how much you need. To get started use half a cup of baking soda, add water and mix to a thick paste. Use a non-abrasive sponge and scrub the shower glass with the paste and rinse with vinegar.

What can you put on glass to repel water?

You can even make homemade windshield water repellent by mixing a simple solution of a half a cup of rubbing alcohol and a cup of water into a spray bottle. This solution will become warm, so wait until it cools to use it.

Can you use Windex on EnduroShield?

Acceptable cleaning products: Windex, Lysol 4in1 Bathroom Cleaner, Fantastik Orange Action, GreenWorks Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner (Clorox), Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner (Arm & Hammer). Note: Any cleaner used on the glass surface should be followed immediately by a clean water rinse.

How long does EnduroShield last?

10 years
Extensive testing has proven EnduroShield to last beyond 10 years, enabling a genuine 10-year warranty on new glass surfaces. A 3-year limited warranty is provided for DIY application and existing glass surfaces.

Can I use Windex on Enduroshield?