Can you add navigation to Audi?

Can you add navigation to Audi?

Audi has announced that you can now add navigation to some of its existing infotainment systems that weren’t ordered with it from the factory for the princely sum of $85 per month or $850 per year. The new subscription service can be purchased through the myAudi Marketplace in the myAudi mobile app.

How do you set up an Audi Sat Nav?

How to Operate an Audi Navigation System

  1. Press the button labeled “Navigation” or NAV on the console to access the navigation menu.
  2. Choose from the “Map”, “Route”, “Memory” and “Nav-info” options on the Multi-Media Interface or MMI screen.
  3. Turn the knob to highlight the option you want on the screen.

How much does it cost to upgrade an Audi Sat Nav?

Vauxhall will charge between £99 and £179 depending on the model and level of system you have in your car. Volvo offers two years of updates for free, but then charges owners a huge £230 in the third year, while the minimum price for an update in an Audi is £185.

Is Audi navigation free?

Customers can download the Audi MMI connect app free-of-charge at the Google Play Store or in the App Store. Registration at myAudi is then required. At myAudi, the driver can manage individual connect services, schedule service appointments or obtain information on the car.

What navigation system does Audi use?

Audi Navigation Plus
Audi Navigation Plus is an in-car media and navigation system developed by Audi. Unlike the Audi Multi Media Interface, it can not control climate, convenience, suspension or engine settings. Audi Navigation Plus units were available mostly as an optional equipment instead of standard stereo systems.

How do I upgrade my Audi navigation system?

If you want to update maps in your Audi, follow the instruction below:

  1. Buy an Audi map update – after purchase you’ll receive a download link.
  2. Unpack the files with 7zip.
  3. Format a SD card in FAT32 and copy the update files to it.
  4. Insert the card in one of the SD cards slots in your MMI.