Can you still play Blacklight Retribution on ps4?

Can you still play Blacklight Retribution on ps4?

The PlayStation 4 version of “Blacklight: Retribution” will continue to operate after Mar. 11, since there’s no need to host game servers there, but it won’t receive any support from the developer.

Is Blacklight Retribution worth playing?

Even with the odd payment changes and missing modes, Blacklight: Retribution is still worth trying, mostly because of its free status and the overall solid gameplay feel.

Is Blacklight Retribution multiplayer?

Blacklight: Retribution is a competitive online multiplayer FREE TO PLAY First Person Shooter featuring unparalleled character customization depth and an innovative gameplay system that allows players to see through walls to make tactical decisions on the fly to keep combat fast and brutal.

Is Blacklight Retribution dead?

Blacklight: Retribution is shutting down, so all in-game items are now free. The developers of cyberpunk FPS Blacklight: Retribution have announced that they’re ending official support for their free-to-play shooter next month. In the meantime, you’ll be able to use all the game’s add-on DLC completely free.

Are Blacklight: Retribution servers still up?

Hardsuit Labs has ceased supporting Blacklight: Retribution will shut down its PC servers on 11th March, 2019. As a final hurrah, all items in the PC store have been made free, and the team hopes players “continue to enjoy the game and items up until the PC servers are shut down on March 11th, 2019”.

Is Blacklight: Retribution on ps5?

And, if you’re looking for a new game to fill the hole left by Blacklight, be sure to read our list of the best free-to-play titles currently available on PS4 while you’re at it….Blacklight Retribution.

US Release Date Nov 15, 2013
UK Release Date Nov 29, 2013
Genre Shooter > First Person
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Is Blacklight: Retribution active?

On February 8, 2019, Hardsuit Labs announced that they would end support for the game to focus on bigger projects, citing low user engagement as a primary factor for the decision. The PC version ceased to operate on March 11, while the PS4 version remains active.

Why did Blacklight: Retribution shutdown?

Hardsuit Labs is shutting down the servers for its free-to-play multiplayer shooter Blacklight: Retribution. The studio intends to focus its attention on other projects, and will be turning off account migration today, along with the game’s official support site.

Is Blacklight: Retribution offline?

PC servers for free-to-play FPS Blacklight: Retribution will be taken offline in March. Hardsuit Labs has announced the server closure of Blacklight: Retribution, which means the PC game will be taken offline March 11.

Is Blacklight Retribution active?

Is Blacklight: Retribution still running?