How do you remove a Molex socket?

How do you remove a Molex socket?

To disconnect a Molex connector (male and female connection), simple press down on outside clip and pull the connectors apart. The power connectors have hooks that allow the connectors to latch into the connector housing. Once the crimped wire has been inserted into the housing, it will be difficult to remove.

How many pins does mini Molex connector have?

Four-Pin Molex Connector.

Can you fix a Molex connector?

Their connectors are sturdy and long-lasting, but they can wear out over time and may need to be checked or replaced to make sure they’re functioning properly. Fortunately, Molex connectors are actually pretty easy to open up so you can examine the pins and replace them if they’re damaged or worn out.

Is it safe to use molex to 6 pin?

not really no. If it doesn’t come with a 6-pin, it can’t properly provide the power a 6-pin needs.

Can you convert molex to SATA?

Another option is to use a molex to SATA adapter cable. By going this route, you won’t need to worry about swapping out your power supply. Instead, all you need to do is plug the adapter into your PSU. Then plug your hard drive into the other end, and you’re good to go.

What kind of tooling does Molex use?

Manual Press Tools: For medium production volumes, Molex offers a variety of manual press bench tools designed to process cable or discrete wire to further increase productivity.

How many terminations per hour for Molex tool?

Our applicators will process in most of the industry standard wire processors in the marketplace. For tools in this category, production rates of up to 3000 termination per hour for discrete wire are not uncommon depending on the application.

Can you quote a special machine in Molex?

Special Machines: Molex can quote special machines upon request with optional features that parallel the Phoenix/Eagle Series. In general, these machines differ by the manner in which connector termination and wire handling is accomplished.