How many movies has the Kendrick Brothers made?

How many movies has the Kendrick Brothers made?

Kendrick Brothers 6-Movie Collection (DVD) (Walmart Exclusive)

Do the Kendrick Brothers still make movies?

In 2021, the Kendrick Brothers have two films releasing: COURAGEOUS Legacy, a remastered film with added scenes to mark the film’s 10th Anniversary; and Kendrick Brothers’ SHOW ME THE FATHER, their first feature-length documentary for which he served as an executive producer and writer.

Is Alex Kendrick married?

Christina Kendrick
Alex Kendrick/Spouse

What was the first movie the Kendrick Brothers made?

Alex and Stephen’s first movie, “Flywheel,” began simply as a community outreach project by their church in Albany, Ga., where they served as associate pastors. However, their low-budget film about a dishonest salesman who turns his life around gained an audience.

Who is the oldest Kendrick brother?

SHANNON KENDRICK Shannon, the eldest Kendrick brother, joined Alex and Stephen at Kendrick Brothers Productions in 2011 after having worked for more than 20 years for IBM.

What is the next Kendrick movie?

12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Pictures’ AFFIRM Films and the Kendrick Brothers, in association with the Fatherhood CoMission, reveal the trailer for the filmmakers’ first documentary, Kendrick Brothers’ SHOW ME THE FATHER, coming to theaters September 10, 2021.

Where does Alex Kendrick go to church?

Sherwood Baptist Church
Alex Kendrick has been Associate Media Pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia since 1999. Alex and his brother Stephen grew up shooting 8mm “chase ’em down and shoot ’em up” movies, teaming up to help the church establish Sherwood Pictures in 2003.

Who is Alex Kendricks wife?

Alex Kendrick/Wife

Who is Stephen Kendrick married to?

STEPHEN KENDRICK He and his wife Jill live in Albany, Ga. with their six children and are active members at Sherwood Church.

How old is Alex Kendrick?

51 years (11 June 1970)
Alex Kendrick/Age

Is Alex Kendrick related to Anna Kendrick?

Alex and Stephen Kendrick (who are not related to “Pitch Perfect’s” Anna Kendrick) started their filmmaking career in 2002, when Alex, a pastor at Sherwood Church in Georgia, saw a Barna Group study on how film and entertainment influenced culture more than politics or journalism.

What’s the name of the Kendrick brothers new movie?

Kendrick Brothers Announce New Project Underway in 2021. The director of the popular faith-based movies Overcomer and War Room says he and his brothers are scheduled to begin shooting their next film in 2021. The film is based on a true story. Director Alex Kendrick says the yet-unnamed film is currently in development.

Who are the Kendrick brothers and what church are they from?

About fifteen years ago, Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA, began making movies. Under the creative leadership of Alex Kendrick and his brother Stephen, Sherwood Pictures so far has produced four feature films and one made under the brothers’ own subsidiary.

When did the Kendrick brothers make the movie Fireproof?

Fireproof Awarded as the #1 Independent Film of the year in 2008, FIREPROOF is the third feature written, directed, and produced by the Kendrick Brothers. Filled with humor and heartfelt storytelling, the story follows the journey of a fireman who fights to win back the heart of his wife and to learn the true meaning of life-long love.

Do you get emails from the Kendrick brothers?

Many of the emails we’ve received have contained movie scripts, treatments, and books for motion picture consideration. However, please note that the Kendrick Brothers do not read, review, or accept any unsolicited storylines, scripts, movie ideas, or books.