How much do bison pedestals cost?

How much do bison pedestals cost?

Fixed Height Pedestal by Bison Starting at: $3.99.

What is bison wood?

Bison Wood Tiles are commercial-grade, constructed from sustainably harvested hardwoods, and available in standard and FSC®-Certified species. These hardwoods contain a rich variety of graining and coloration, are exceptionally dense, resistant to insects, and weather well.

Are deck tiles worth it?

If you’re renting or just want a temporary solution, wood deck tiles are a good option since you can just pick them up and take them with you when you move. The deck tiles can be placed over an existing surface, such as concrete, stone, brick and even wood decking. They are extremely durable and non-slip.

What is a Bison pedestal?

Bison Versadjust, Level.It, and ScrewJack pedestals create level rooftop decks over sloped surfaces. Bison pedestals elevate and support Wood Tiles, Concrete Pavers, Site Furnishings, and a variety of other surfaces when sophisticated, commercial grade decking is required.

How much does Bison deck cost?

Price: $2.23 The Bison Deck can be used on rooftops, balconies, cracked concrete patios, even on-grade!

What is the difference between plains bison and wood bison?

Plains bison have massive heads with short noses and have clearly defined shaggy capes that cover the upper portion of their bodies. Woods bison, on the other hand, have large triangular heads and have less defined shoulder capes and head hair, and they have more distinctive and bigger shoulder humps.

How long do wood deck tiles last?

You can find manufacturer warranties from 1 year all the way up to 10 years in some cases. Typically, the wooden deck tiles will last longer than the warranty under normal conditions. However, the company has to make sure that they are covered and usually make the warranty shorter.

What is a roof paver?

Roof pavers are usually made of two types of materials, concrete or rubber. They are durable tiles an inch to several inches thick, typically measuring two feet by two feet.