How much is a Dutch rabbit cost?

How much is a Dutch rabbit cost?

You can expect to pay between $30 and $90 for your Dutch rabbit depending on the color and your location. Show class rabbits will cost a little more than others, and if you order one from a breeder because you want a specific color, you will also need to pay a bit more.

Can Dutch rabbits be all black?

The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes seven varieties of Dutch rabbit colors, all mixed with the white markings characteristic to the Dutch. The colors are: black, blue, chinchilla, chocolate, gray, steel, and tortoise. A lilac color is currently in development.

How much does a Dutch rabbit cost UK?

Rehoming from a reputable source:

Average lifespan 6-9 years
Possible health problems Dental disease
Average price £20
Estimated cost over lifetime £6,800-£10,000
Average weight 2-2.5kg

Are Dutch Rabbits good house pets?

Despite their name, Dutch Rabbits originated in the UK rather than the Netherlands. These intelligent, gentle rabbits are easy to train and make great pets for young children.

Do Dutch Rabbits like to be held?

Their even temperament makes them reliable with children, however, it should be noted that rabbits (regardless of breed) are all prey animals. This means they dislike being picked up and are easily startled.

Are Dutch Rabbits smart?

General Disposition With their docile, laid-back and serene dispositions, Dutch rabbits are beloved as household pets. Training Dutch rabbits usually is no biggie as they tend to be rather smart cookies. They thrive on regular interplay with humans, and are usually rather active and peppy in nature.

How big do Dutch rabbits get?

3.5-5.5 pounds
The Dutch Rabbit is a small breed of rabbit, weighing 3.5-5.5 pounds.

How much are Harlequin rabbits?

Harlequin Rabbit Price On average, Harlequin rabbits cost between $20 and $100 depending on whether they are show or pet quality rabbits. Keep in mind, the exact price of a Harlequin rabbit will depend on a breeder, coat color, quality of markings, and the pedigree of the rabbit.

Do Dutch rabbits get big?

Although the Dutch is a small rabbit, it’s not a dwarf breed. At maturity, Dutch bunnies weigh between 3.5 and 5.5 pounds, according to the American Dutch Rabbit Club. That means by the age of 6 months, you’ll know how big your bunny will grow.