Is Mechanicsville Atlanta safe?

Is Mechanicsville Atlanta safe?

While it’s located near Turner Field, Mechanicsville is often ranked as one of the worst neighborhoods in Atlanta because of crime. The cost of living is low in Mechanicsville, likely because of the high crime rate. The median home value is only $112,360, and the median rent is $799.

What part of Georgia was ATL filmed?

In the film ATL, the main characters, Rashad (played by rapper T.I.) and Ant (played by actor Evan Ross), both lived in Mechanicsville.

What zone is Mechanicsville in Atlanta?

Zone 3: Southeast Atlanta Mechanicsville.

Is Vine City the bluff?

For example the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Creative Loafing both defined The Bluff as including all of English Avenue and Vine City.

What zone do I live in Atlanta?

Atlanta, Georgia is in USDA Hardiness Zones 7b and 8a.

Is Atlanta gentrified?

A study says Atlanta is the fourth-fastest gentrifying city in the country. ATLANTA — A study says Atlanta is one of the nation’s fastest gentrifying cities – the fourth-fastest, in fact – which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who lives here.

Where is the bluff in Georgia?

An infamous neighborhood in the inner city of Atlanta, just minutes from downtown, the Bluff, is most recognized for its crime rate and high drug traffic, most notably, heroin.

What was the population of Mechanicsville Georgia before the Civil War?

Prior to the Civil War, Atlanta was a city of 10,000 and a leading railroad hub for the South. The location of the rail lines, rail yards and repair shops in Atlanta served as the impetus for the development and growth of the Mechanicsville neighborhood, as well as all of Atlanta.

Where does the name Mechanicsville come from in Atlanta?

History. Mechanicsville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta. The neighborhood sprang up in the late 19th century, adjacent to several railroad lines just south of downtown. The name “Mechanicsville” comes from the “mechanics” that worked on the railway lines. It was once a vibrant multiethnic community with working class blacks…

When did the city of Mechanicsville start developing?

Subdivision of the land occurred in the 1880s and 1890s. Originally, Mechanicsville had a horse car system. By 1893, four electric streetcar routes ran through Mechanicsville. They connected the neighborhood to downtown and other suburban developments such as Grant Park and West End.

When did the streets in Mechanicsville Georgia get paved?

Less than half the streets in Atlanta were paved; only a few streets in Mechanicsville were paved in 1893. Residents included brick masons, carpenters, and a notary public.