Is XisumaVoid the admin of Hermitcraft?

Is XisumaVoid the admin of Hermitcraft?

XisumaVoid, also known as Xisuma or X for short, is a YouTuber who joined Hermitcraft in Season 1. He is also the current Admin of the Hermitcraft server since Generikb left.

Who is the most subscribed hermit on Hermitcraft?

MumboJumbo, known as Mumbo for short, is a YouTuber and active member of the Hermitcraft server, known for his redstone videos. He joined at the start of Season 2. He has 7,800,000 subscribers and is the most subscribed of the Hermits.

Who was in Hermitcraft 3?

Season 3, also known as Season III, started on 17th October 2014. IJevin and ZombieCleo posted on the first day, and Biffa2001, FalseSymmetry, Hypnotizd, KingDaddyDMAC, Skyzm , Sl1pg8r, TinFoilChef, TopMass, XBCrafted, and XisumaVoid posted on the 18th of October.

Did XisumaVoid leave Hermitcraft?

Though a few are currently on a short hiatus, there are currently no officially Inactive Hermits. Some former Hermits have requested rejoining the server, like Monkeyfarm, but XisumaVoid declined some of the requests.

Who is the youngest hermit on HermitCraft?

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo, the youngest member of hermitcraft is the most popular one, TFC, the oldest member of hermitcraft is the least popular one.

Why does Grian say pesky bird?

‘Pesky bird’ is a running gag coined by Grian in Season 7. Grian would say it when he was about to kill a parrot. A parrot named Pesky Bird was hidden inside of the Charrot when it was relocated to the top of Mumbo’s base, which had the unusual ability of floating down without flapping its wings.

What version was Hermitcraft season 4?

Season 4, also known as Season IV, was the fourth season of Hermitcraft. This season’s world was based around a Mesa, where most Hermits set up their bases….Dates.

Season Start Season End
25 February 2016 8 April 2017

Who will join Hermitcraft season 8?

First Day. The season was started by MumboJumbo welcoming everyone to Season 8 and welcomed the new hermits GeminiTay and PearlescentMoon to Hermitcraft. The first on-screen death of the Season belongs to Grian who died by an Iron Golem, but TangoTek had died to an Iron Golem before the recording session started.

What did xisumavoid do in hermitcraft episode 350?

In Episode 350, as an April Fool’s prank, XisumaVoid was put into a trance by Evil Xisuma. XisumaVoid was part of The Logfellas and had a very productive guardian farm. XisumaVoid had a massive volcano base that was surrounded by artificial biomes on the outside, but it was never completed.

Who is the current Admin of hermitcraft?

United Kingdom XisumaVoid, known as Xisuma or X for short, is a YouTuber who joined Hermitcraft in Season 1. He is also the current Admin of the Hermitcraft server since Generikb left. He has three other channels, xisumasays, xisumatwo, and xisumamusic and has amassed 1,700,000 subscribers.

What kind of farm does xisumavoid make?

XisumaVoid, as ‘Beesuma’, based his base off his bee persona. He builds large futuristic towers for his farms but always finds a way to incorporate honey into the build. He always puts a landing bay of the same design in every single one of his farms and towers.

Where does xisumavoid have his main base in Minecraft?

At the start of the season, XisumaVoid changed his skin to one resembling a Minecraft turtle to go with the new Update Aquatic, earning him the nickname ‘Turtle-Suma’. He had his main base in an ocean monument in the futuristic district.