What are the subjects for BCS?

What are the subjects for BCS?

Listed below are all the core BCS subjects list:

  • Advanced Java programming.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Data networks and communication systems.
  • Computer Graphics.
  • GUI programming.
  • Operations Research.
  • Embedded Systems.

What is subject and predicate examples?

The subject of the sentence is what (or whom) the sentence is about. In the sentence “The cat is sleeping in the sun,” the word cat is the subject. A predicate is the part of a sentence, or a clause, that tells what the subject is doing or what the subject is.

What is the study of BCS?

The Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (abbreviated BCompSc or BCS or BS CS or B.Sc. CS) is a type of bachelor’s degree awarded after collegiate study in computer science.

What is subject & predicate?

Subject and Predicate. Every complete sentence contains two parts: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what (or whom) the sentence is about, while the predicate tells something about the subject. In the following sentences, the predicate is enclosed in braces ({}), while the subject is highlighted.

Is BCS good for future?

The minimum salary starts from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 but there’s a good future with this. If you want to have a better future, then you should not stop after doing BCS and obtain a Masters Course to be compatible and get better opportunities.

What is subject and predicate in work hard?

Explanation: succeed is the subject. work hard if you want to is the predicate.

Who qualifies for BCS?

BCS, full form Bachelor of Computer Science, is a 3 year undergraduate course with a specialization in the domain of computer science, software and hardware related aspects. The minimum eligibility at least 45% (relaxable for reserved category candidates) at 10+2 with mathematics.

Is BCS a good career?

Yes, you can! We are living in the world of Technolgy and Computer Science is the mother of all. So you can get a job after doing BCS i.e. Bachelor in Computer Science. But the possibility of getting a sure job after doing BCS is low than BCA.

Which BCS course has highest salary?

One of the highest paying jobs in computer science field are Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Manager, Data Architect, etc. You can expect a salary as high as INR 40 LPA in international companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Deloitte, etc.

When to use the subject and the predicate?

When break down a sentence the subject is what (in other cases whom) the sentence is concentrated on. The predicate is what that is doing or is. This tells us that the predicate is verb or modifier of the sentence.

Which is the best example of a compound predicate?

Compound Predicate is ‘jumped on his bike and rode around the roundabout .’ The telegram was late but contained exciting news. Compound Subject – The telegram.

Which is a predicate in an imperative sentence?

Predicate – examined all the tigers. In imperative sentences the subject is altogether missed out of the sentence. Sit down. In the above example subject is missing although it is understood that it is you over here. The Complete Subject is who or what is doing the verb plus all of the descriptive words (modifiers) that go with it.

Which is the predicate in the sentence Akbar?

In the example given above Akbar is the subject of the sentence and was a great emperor is its predicate. Note:-The subject of the sentence usually comes first but certain time it can be put after the Predicate.