What damage was done in the 2009 Victorian bushfires?

What damage was done in the 2009 Victorian bushfires?

The Black Saturday bushfires killed 173 people, 120 in the Kinglake area alone. Another 414 people were injured. More than 450,000 hectares had burned and 3500 buildings including more than 2000 houses destroyed.

What damage did the bushfires do?

Physical, direct impacts Over 18 million hectares have burned in the Australian bushfire season 2019–2020 as of mid-January according to media reports, destroying over 5,900 buildings including over 2,800 homes. In addition to human fatalities, many millions of animals are reported to have been killed.

What was Australia’s worst bushfire disaster?

Feb 7, 2009 CE: Black Saturday Bushfires in Australia. On February 7, 2009, the “Black Saturday Bushfires” became the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history.

Does Australia have tsunamis?

Records of Tsunamis affecting Australia There have been over fifty recorded incidents of tsunamis affecting the Australian coastline since European settlement. Most of these tsunamis have resulted in dangerous rips and currents rather than land inundation.

What was the result of the 2009 bushfires in Victoria?

Creative Victoria will lead the project in consultation with the Office for the Victorian Government Architect. The 2009 Victorian Bushfires were a traumatic and distressing event. When reflecting on the bushfires, people may experience different emotional and physical reactions.

When was the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission established?

The 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission was established on 16 February 2009 to investigate the causes of and responses to the bushfires. The final report and its recommendations were published in July 2010.

When did the Black Saturday fire in Victoria happen?

Most deaths occurred on Black Saturday, February 7, 2009. Advice on using the Library’s newspapers collection to find information is available on our Research fires page. An impressively detailed book dedicated to the events and immediate aftermath of the 2009 fires.

What did storyboard do for the bushfires in Victoria?

STORYBOARD was a Regional Arts Victoria (RAV) project and was billed as the first stage in an on-going partnership with the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Department of Sustainability (DSE).