What does bashing mean in texting?

What does bashing mean in texting?

to strike
Bash means “to strike” something with great force. It’s been adopted as slang for hurling insults or verbal abuse at someone.

What is the definition of bashing someone?

1 : to strike violently : hit also : to injure or damage by striking : smash —often used with in. 2 : to attack physically or verbally media bashing celebrity bashing. intransitive verb. : crash.

What does bashing the president mean?

verb. To bash someone means to criticize them severely, usually in a public way. [journalism] The President could continue to bash Democrats as being soft on crime. [

Is bash a bad word?

Bash, for “insult,” is used in speech, writing, and social media. Bashing, as in the general practice of insulting something, is common, too.

What does bashing yourself mean?

2 verb If someone bashes you, they attack you by hitting or punching you hard. INFORMAL If someone tried to bash my best mate they would have to bash me as well… I bashed him on the head and dumped him in the cold, cold water…

What does Pashing mean?

pash in American English (pæʃ ) verb transitive, verb intransitive. Dialectal. to hurl or be hurled violently so as to break; smash.

What type of word is bashing?

bashing used as a noun: An instance of bashing; a physical attack.

What does throwing a bash mean?

It means “hold/arrange a party”.

How do you use bashing in Word?

1, They gave him a real bashing. 2, Bashing politicians is normal practice in the press. 3, He was always bashing the trade unions. 4, He sat bashing away at his essay all day.

What does the name bashing mean?

Bashing is a harsh, gratuitous, prejudicial attack on a person, group, or subject. Literally, bashing is a term meaning to hit or assault, but when it is used as a suffix, or in conjunction with a noun indicating the subject being attacked, it is normally used to imply that the act is motivated by bigotry.

What’s your definition of bashing?

Bashing definition, the act of beating, whipping, or thrashing: a series of unsolved bashings and robberies. See more.

What is another word for bashing on?

Synonyms for bashing. basting, battering, batting, beating, belaboring, belting, birching, bludgeoning,

What is a synonym for Bash?

Synonyms for (noun) bash. Synonyms: bang, bash, belt, smash, knock. Definition: a vigorous blow. Usage: the sudden knock floored him; he took a bash right in his face; he got a bang on the head.