What does the Frost Moon drop?

What does the Frost Moon drop?

Frost Moon enemies drop powerful weapons, as well as pet and vanity items. Most drop with extreme rarity, and even players who manage to complete the event will find they need to do so several times before obtaining them. Drop chances for items dropped by bosses increase as waves are completed.

Which is easier pumpkin moon or frost moon?

The Frost Moon is one of the two Moon events, the other being the Pumpkin Moon. The event is significantly harder than its counterpart and yields less money; however, it drops more powerful weapons.

How do you get frost moon trophies?

Trophies from the Pumpkin Moon can only be dropped in wave 15 ( 10+ ) and have a drop chance of 100%. Trophies from the Frost Moon can only be dropped after completing wave 14 ( 7 ) and their drop chance increases with every wave, from 4.17% ( 6.25% ) up to 12.5% ( 100% ).

What does the Frost Moon mean?

By Vigdis Hocken. The Full Moon in November is named after beavers who build their winter dams at this time of year. It is also called Frost Moon and Mourning Moon, depending on the winter solstice. The North American beaver has named the November Full Moon.

When should I do the pumpkin moon?

The event can be summoned at any time post-Plantera, but it is usually done after Golem and Duke Fishron have been defeated, and before the Frost Moon.

What does the ice queen drop in Terraria?

0.1: Now has Master Mode drops: it will always drop the Ice Queen Relic on death and also has a 25% chance of dropping the Frozen Crown pet.

Where do you get drops on Frost Moon?

Drops of the Frost Moon The only fodder enemy with drops is the Zombie Elf which drops the Elf set. Drops from the Everscream Christmas Tree Sword – a Melee class sword which shoots a slow moving star toward the cursor which spawns a number of floating ornaments as it goes.

How to play a solo Terraria Frost Moon?

SOLO Terraria Frost Moon Guide/Tutorial: Arena, Drops, How to Summon + Gameplay! (Event Tips) – YouTube SOLO Terraria Frost Moon Guide/Tutorial: Arena, Drops, How to Summon + Gameplay! (Event Tips) If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

When does Frost Moon end in Expert mode?

The trophy drop rates for each version in each wave are shown in the table below. The Frost Moon event will sometimes end after leaving and then reentering the world. On the Console version, Everscream, Santa-NK1 and Ice Queen can drop their trophies as early as wave 8 in Expert Mode.

What to do in the 15th wave of a frost Moon?

Ice Scream • “Reach the 15th wave of a frost moon, where the festive season quickly degrades into madness.” Reach the 15th wave of a Frost Moon. For more elaborate strategies on defeating Frost Moon, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:Frost Moon strategies.