What happened to the Masood family in EastEnders?

What happened to the Masood family in EastEnders?

Ganatra’s departure was announced on 1 September 2016, becoming the last member of the Masood family to leave. Masood made his departure in episode 5388, broadcast on 17 November 2016. In October 2017, it was announced that Masood would be returning to the show full-time, along with members of his extended family.

Who is in EastEnders now?

Current characters

Character Actor Duration
Lexi Pearce Isabella Brown 2012-2015, 2019-
Linda Carter Kellie Bright 2013-
Mick Carter Danny Dyer 2013-
Nancy Carter Maddy Hill 2014-2016, 2021-

What nationality is Nina Wadia?

Nina Wadia/Nationality

Who is the Indian actress in EastEnders?

Best known for playing Zainab Masood in BBC’s EastEnders, Nina Wadia is an award-winning Indian-born British actress. Recognised also for her roles in BBC hit sketch show Goodness Gracious Me along with playing Mrs Hussein in the Open All Hours spin off Still Open All Hours.

Where is Nina Wadia from?

Mumbai, India
Nina Wadia/Place of birth
Born in Mumbai, India, on 18 December 1968, Wadia was raised in a one-bedroom, ground-floor “space” that regularly flooded during monsoon season. “My brother, sister and I squeezed together on the bed and my mum and dad slept on a mattress on the floor,” she told The Independent in 2011.

Who is the mother of Yasmin Masood in EastEnders?

Amira Masood (née Shah) was the wife of Syed Masood and the daughter of Qadim Shah. She is Yasmin Masood ‘s mother and she is classed as part of the Masood Family . Amira’s backstory was revealed in an interview with Kalidas: “Amira doesn’t have a mother, as she died when she was really young.

Who is Preeya Kalidas in EastEnders Amira Masood?

Preeya Kalidas (Amira Masood, 2009 – 2012) Pampered princess Amira was exactly the type of woman Zainab hoped her precious Syed would marry. But the couple’s union was brought to an abrupt and dramatic end following the discovery Sy actually preferred fellas.

Who are the actors who play in EastEnders?

Nina Wadia was already a big name before she joined EastEnders, due to her lead role in long-running sitcom Goodness Gracious Me, and being a panellist on Loose Women. And the mum-of-two has continued doing what she does best since – starring in series such as Still Open All Hours and Trollied. 2. Marc Elliott (Syed Masood, 2009 – 2012)

Who are Masood’s nieces in Emmerdale?

The brood has changed shape several times over the years, and currently there are only three – Masood, Arshad and Mariam – flying the family flag in Walford. The dynamic is set to change again with the arrival of Mas’s feisty nieces Iqra and Habiba (hello, double trouble!) next week, and news that the former postie is about to leave again.