What is Booshie slang for?

What is Booshie slang for?

The “boujee” variation (used by Migos in Bad and Boujee) commonly refers to middle-class or upwardly mobile black people. Urban Dictionary’s top entry for bougie defines it thus: “Aspiring to be a higher class than one is. Derived from bourgeois – meaning middle/upper class, traditionally despised by communists.”

How would you describe a Boujee person?

Boujee is a common slang term widely used in hip-hop culture and among African Americans. Boujee or bougie slang describes a person who pretends to lead luxurious lifestyle, meaninglessly spend a lot of money on flashy trifles but in fact, he is still connected with his poor roots.

What does Booji mean?

slang. haughty; elitist; snobbish.

How do I know if Im Boujee?

Now if you are wondering if you fall in this category, check out these 4 signs that you are bougie AF:

  1. 1.) You Travel To The Hottest Vacation spots.-
  2. 2.) You Love To Be Seen-
  3. 3.) You Speak and Act with Class-
  4. 4.) You Have High End Tastes.

Which is the best definition of the word booshie?

Top definition. Booshie. An effectation of a lifestyle, i.e., limited luxury and limited refinement aka, mannerisms, speech, dress, appearance, spending habits. Presentation as one who is above the general status quo for a particular race or ethnic group.

What’s the meaning of the phrase ” so boozhee “?

Man, this club is so boozhee, lets get the fuck out . He used to kick it with us all the time, but now he’s boozhee. Get a Booshie mug for your barber Abdul.

What does booshie neck gaiter and mug mean?

Get the Booshie neck gaiter and mug. def 2: “it is the act or process of accepting your inevitable return to the self-defeating and impulsive behaviors that have historically hindered your self actualization but from which you cannot, and no longer desire to, escape.” Alright I had my time of sadness.

What does Boosh wa Zi mean in Urban Dictionary?

Get a mug for your friend James. Based off of the word ” bourgeoisie ” ( boosh wa zi) which means “the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.” omg did you see she got that new iPhone?