What is EI fertilizer?

What is EI fertilizer?

Estimative Index/EI is a planted aquarium fertilizing system based on routine high dosing of dry micro (M) and macro (NPK) nutrients. The underlying principle is to dose more nutrients weekly than the aquarium plants require.

How much fertilizer do I need for aquarium plants?

Sometimes it says “5 ml per 60 gallons per week” and other times it’s “2.5 ml per 40 gallons twice a week but add more if needed.” Also, the nutrient concentrations are fairly low to keep beginners from overdosing, so more often than not, your plants will require much more fertilizer than the bottle recommends.

When should I add fertilizer to my planted tank?

The short answer is that you should start dosing water column fertilizers as soon as you have plants in the new tank and no later.

What is lean dosing?

This depends on the type of aquascape you have. Dosing heavy amounts of nutrients in a sparsely planted tank seeds instability. Comprehensive but lean dosing regimes just means that the plants grow at a slower rate – and this is the approach we would usually suggest to beginners because it is easier to control.

What is PPS pro?

PPS-Pro is the latest generation of the Perpetual Preservation System developed by Edward. The history and scientific basis for PPS can be found here:…g/4241-pps-perpetual-preservation-system.html. The goal of PPS-Pro is growing healthy plants with minimal effort.

Is flourish a good fertilizer?

5.0 out of 5 stars Decent micro/iron fertilizer, but know what it is good for. This is a nice micronutrient and iron supplement for your aquarium.

Does TNC complete contain iron?

Product description. TNC Complete has all the essential nutrients required to promote strong and healthy growth in you aquarium plants including both red and green leaved specimens. It provides a balanced blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium as well as Magnesium, Iron and all the important trace elements.

How much nitrogen should be in a planted tank?

Many sources will recommend to aim for around 10-20 mg/L (ppm) nitrate in the aquarium to ensure that the plants have plenty of nitrogen.

How do you fertilize a planted tank?

Dosing TNC Complete is simple; dose 1ml per 10 liter of tank water per week. Dosing can be increased to 2 or 3 times per week depending on plant growth, water changes etc. Micro nutrients are required in smaller amounts and should be supplemented in any planted aquarium.