What is the role and responsibility of an OHS committee?

What is the role and responsibility of an OHS committee?

The role of work health and safety committee members is to address and resolve WHS issues. Allowing members to instigate, develop, and implement health and safety control measures. Formulating, reviewing, and disseminating safety standards and procedures.

What are four roles and responsibilities of HSRs?

Powers and functions of an HSR are to:

  • main role is to represent workers on health and safety issues with the workplace,
  • monitor the measures taken by the employer,
  • investigate the complaints from their work group members, and.
  • look into anything that might be a health and safety risk to the workers they represent.

What are the steps of safety representative?

Five simple steps to elect a Health and Safety Representative

  • STEP 1: Request for a HSR.
  • STEP 2: The Department must commence negotiations for work groups within 14 days.
  • STEP 3: Workers must be notified.
  • STEP 4: Election of HSRs.
  • STEP 5: Work group notified of election outcome.

What are the responsibilities of a health and safety representative?

Health & Safety Reps Job Description

  • attend meetings of safety committees.
  • investigating the causes of accidents.
  • investigate potential and actual hazards and dangerous occurrences;
  • being consulted by the employer about issues relating to health and safety in the workplace.
  • investigate colleagues’ complaints.

How does an occupational health committee ( OHC ) work?

An OHC works with employers and workers to create a healthy and safe work environment by detecting Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) hazards and developing practical approaches to eliminate or control those hazards. OHCs are essential for bringing health and safety concerns into the open, focusing attention on them,…

What are the duties of an OHC member?

Training for OHC Members. Employers must ensure committee co-chairs are trained in the duties and functions of an OHC members. Committee members may take five days of education leave each year for occupational health and safety training. Time spent at training courses must be treated as paid work time.

What are the roles of Health and Safety committees?

The following is a list of some possible roles of a health and safety committee. Hazard Identification, Evaluation, and Control Review injury data, accident reports, and workers’ compensation records.

Can a OHS Rep be a member of an OHS Committee?

There should be no occasion where it would NOT be practicable to have OHS reps/deputies as the employee members of the committee. Depending on the total number of reps in a workplace, not all the reps may end up on the committee – but they should be agreed between all unions represented at the workplace.