What is the significance of the fire in To Kill a Mockingbird?

What is the significance of the fire in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The fire can symbolize the Maycomb communities’ attempt to destroy Tom Robinson via prejudice. Similar to Miss Maudie’s connection to her home, Atticus is connected to Tom Robinson. Even though Tom Robinson is destroyed by prejudice, Atticus remains strong and is willing to rebuild.

Was there a fire in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus wakes Scout in the middle of the night because Miss Maudie’s house—next door to the Finches’—is on fire. Once the fire is finally put out (and Miss Maudie’s house reduced to a smoking hole in the ground), the Finches return to their fortunately undamaged home.

Who does Jem think is responsible for the fire?

When Jem starts to explain that they had stayed in place, he realizes that since they were standing with their backs to the Radleys’ gate, and since Mr. Nathan Radley was helping put out the fire, the only one who could have put the blanket around Scout was Boo Radley.

Why was Miss Maudie burning a fire in her stove all night group of answer choices?

Why was Miss Maudie burning a fire in her stove all night? Scout is worried about this item being destroyed if the fire reaches her house. dills book. Once they arrive back home after the fire, Atticus asks Jem and Scout if they would like him to make this.

Who punished Scout for cursing?

(Ironically, the Finch family owned slaves at one time, making Atticus’ defense of Tom that much more noble.) Lee foreshadows how the jury will treat Tom in Scout’s confrontation with Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack punishes Scout without first hearing her side of the story. In her “trial,” she was guilty until proven guilty.

Why was Miss Maudie house on fire?

Miss Maudie was attempting to keep her plants from freezing because of the cold weather and left the stove on. A kitchen flue is a type of exhaust system that ventilates the kitchen area. Miss Maudie believes that the kitchen flue was probably clogged which allowed the smoke to accumulate and caused the fire to spread.

What did Jem confess to Scout?

Jem had been unusually quiet about his late night excursion to the Radley house to retrieve his lost pants. But he finally opened up to Scout, confessing that when he returned to the Radley property, he found his pants waiting for him folded upon the fence–freshly stitched in a “crooked” manner.

Was Scout’s house on fire?

Unusually, the winter is particularly cold and it begins to snow. Scout has never seen snow before and the children try to build a snowman. That evening Miss Maudie’s house catches fire and is completely destroyed.

Why does Scout feel left out who does she talk with?

Why does Scout feel left out? Who does she talk with? Dill and Jem become closer. She talks with Mrs.

Who is on fire in to kill a Mockingbird?

After the children enjoy a fun-filled day building a snowman, Atticus wakes Jem and Scout up in the middle of the night and instructs them to put on warm clothes. He explains to them that Miss Maudie’s home is on fire and tells… Short Answer: Miss Maudie’s home burns down in chapter eight.

What happens at the end of to kill a Mockingbird?

She awakes in the middle of the night thinking that “The world’s endin’, Atticus!” It is her first glimpse of snowfall, and she and Jem spend that morning building their first snowman. Later that night, they are both awakened by Atticus, who escorts them from the house.

Why did Atticus tell Jem and scout to go down the street?

The night Maudie Atkinson’s house caught on fire, it was one of the coldest winters in the history of Maycomb County. Atticus told Jem and Scout to go down the street a little because the wind was blowing towards their house.

Who is Miss Maudie in to kill a Mockingbird?

They quickly smell the smoke and recognize that a neighbor’s home is burning: It is Miss Maudie’s. The children watch as neighbors manage to save some of her furniture, waiting for the slow-moving Maycomb fire truck to arrive. Afterward, Scout has yet another surprise.