What kind of matchups does Mew2King play?

What kind of matchups does Mew2King play?

Mew2King is also known for heavily counterpicking in specific matchups, sometimes with disappointing results. For example, he will only play Fox against Jigglypuff, as Fox is technically superior in that matchup, though he has seen mixed results against Hungrybox.

How does Mew2King work in Super Smash Bros?

Mew2King is a very punish-heavy player, and focuses on getting one crucial hit, then converting that hit into a position where he is primed to begin a combo and the opponent has limited options. Once he lands an opening move, he will usually land harsh punishes which tend to lead to a KO, due to his knowledge of character weights and KO percents.

When did Mew2King win the Big House 3?

During late 2013, after years of not winning a major Melee tournament, Mew2King went on a winning streak which saw him win The Big House 3 as well as almost every other singles event he entered, taking sets off of players who he had seldom defeated in that recent time, including Mango, Hungrybox, and PPMD.

What kind of autism does Mew2King have?

Mew2King is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many people with Asperger’s syndrome struggle with empathy and being able to put themselves in other’s shoes, thus they may occasionally come across as insensitive, despite not intending to.

Why is Mew2King known as the robot in Smash?

Mew2King has earned the reputation of being both one of the greatest Melee and Brawl players in the world and of all time due to his extraordinarily acute chaingrabbing, camping, punishing, and comboing skills, as well as his extremely optimal, technical, and intelligent play style, earning him the nickname The Robot.

How many characters does Mew2King have in Smash the record?

Because of this, Mew2King is able to play the majority of the cast at a high level, exemplifying this by beating Mango in two 26-character battles at Smash the Record, having only had to use five characters the first time, and 15 characters the second time.