What Remains of the Day Quote?

What Remains of the Day Quote?

“Indeed — why should I not admit it? — in that moment, my heart was breaking.” “What is the point of worrying oneself too much about what one could or could not have done to control the course one’s life took?

What is the message of Remains of the Day?

The Remains of the Day is a book about a thwarted life. It’s about how class conditioning can turn you into your own worst enemy, making you complicit in your own subservience.

Why is it called The Remains of the Day?

The, ‘Remains’ part of the novel’s title, ‘Remains of the Day’, is a metaphor that refers to what is left of Stevens’ life. It also refers to Stevens’ recollections of the past, which can be compared to a rotting corpse, as that is all it is, the remains.

What does Miss Kenton say when Stevens asks her about her letter?

One particular incident Miss Kenton mentions in her letter leads Stevens into a long reminiscence about the past. Finally, Miss Kenton tells Stevens directly that his father has perhaps been entrusted with more responsibility than a man of his age can handle. Stevens tells Miss Kenton she is being foolish.

Why why you always pretend Mr Stevens?

Miss Kenton is astounded and upset that Stevens never told her the firings had bothered him at all. She says to him: “Why, Mr. Stevens, why, why, why do you always have to pretend?” Stevens is unable to answer. Miss Kenton is very distraught, and says that Stevens is proved right in the end after all.

How long does it take to read The Remains of the Day?

5 hours and 27 minutes
The average reader will spend 5 hours and 27 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What remains of the day ending?

At the end of the novel, Miss Kenton admits to Stevens that her life may have turned out better if she had married him. After hearing these words, Stevens is extremely upset. However, he does not tell Miss Kenton—whose married name is Mrs. Benn—how he feels.

What are the themes of remains?

Guilt: the speaker in this poem is haunted by the guilt of taking another man’s life. He is upset by the fact that the man might have been innocent. This phrase is repeated in the poem, emphasising the speaker’s sense of discomfort at having killed another human being who may have been innocent.

Is Remains of the Day True?

Characters. The character of Sir Geoffrey Wren is based loosely on that of Sir Oswald Mosley, a British fascist active in the 1930s.

Is Stevens in love with Miss Kenton?

Stevens explicitly comment on the emotional way in which he is behaving (such as the tears in his eyes when his father died or the way he storms through the halls when he hears Miss Kenton is leaving), while Mr. Stevens actually cares for or even has feelings for Miss Kenton.

What is Miss Kenton’s first name?

Miss Kenton is the former head housekeeper of Darlington Hall; she and Stevens’s father were hired at the same time. Miss Kenton is Stevens’s equal in efficiency and intelligence, but she has a warmth and personality that Stevens never displays.

Does Miss Kenton love Mr Stevens?

It gradually becomes clear that Miss Kenton is in love with Stevens, though she simultaneously finds him infuriating, and her decision to leave Darlington Hall is in part due to her frustration with his lack of response, as well as to her general impulsiveness.

What are the most important quotes from the Crucible?

I’ll go over the most important quotes from The Crucible, explaining both their literal meaning and why they’re important. For clarity, the quotes are grouped into four themes: irony, fear and hysteria, pride and reputation, and power and authority.

Why are the quotes important in the remains of the day?

At several other points in the novel, while Stevens is on his road trip, he again voices his concerns about bantering, and describes several failed attempts at making funny remarks. This bafflement over the concept of casual banter characterizes Stevens’s overall devotion to professionalism at the exclusion of personal or informal concerns.

Who was the Butler in the remains of the day?

However, putting personal feelings aside, Mr. Stevens provides excellent service. To Stevens, his son, this is the epitome of that most important of qualities for a butler—dignity. Miss Kenton was still standing out in the hall where I had first spotted her.

Which is an excerpt from the remains of the day?

Indeed, to put things into a proper perspective, I should point out that just such bantering on my new employer’s part has characterized much of our relationship over these months- though I must confess, I remain rather unsure as to how I should respond.” This passage is an excerpt from the Prologue.