What words end with the suffix ate?

What words end with the suffix ate?

List of Words Ending With ‘ate’

  • bate. cate. date. fate. gate. hate. late. mate. pate. rate. sate. tate.
  • abate. agate. alate. blate. crate. elate. enate. grate. irate. orate. ovate. plate. prate. quate. skate. slate. spate. state. urate.

What words end in Eat?

5-letter words that end in eat

  • great.
  • treat.
  • sweat.
  • wheat.
  • cheat.
  • pleat.
  • cleat.
  • bleat.

What are five words that end in ate?

5-letter words ending with ATE

abate agate
orate ovate
plate prate
quate reate
roate skate

What does it mean when a word ends in ATE?

-ate 1 ,suffix. -ate is used to form adjectives with the meaning “showing; -ate is used to form verbs with the meaning “cause to become (like); act as”: regular + -ate → regulate (= make regular, act by rule);

What words end ight?

7-letter words that end in ight

  • tonight.
  • insight.
  • freight.
  • delight.
  • alright.
  • upright.
  • uptight.
  • sleight.

What word ends with est?

8-letter words that end in est

  • interest.
  • manifest.
  • conquest.
  • furthest.
  • farthest.
  • reinvest.
  • posttest.
  • slugfest.

What word ends in tion?

Words That End With TION

  • action.
  • cation.
  • kation.
  • lotion.
  • motion.
  • nation.
  • notion.
  • option.

Is ate a real word?

Ate is the past tense of eat.

What does ate stand for?


Acronym Definition
ATE Access to Excellence
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATE Automated Test Equipment
ATE Architecting the Enterprise (computer architecture)

Are there any words that end with the word ate?

List words ending with ATE – full list. abate 8. abbreviate 20. abdicate 15. ablate 10. ablegate 14. abnegate 14. abominate 16. abrogate 13.

How to search for the word ” ate “?

The new advanced search interface organizes the results more sensibly. — Nouns for ate: dinner, lunch, breakfast, supper, logo, nothing, food, something, rice, bread, meat, more — People also search for: drank, devoured, gorged, more Commonly used words are shown in bold. Rare words are dimmed. Click on a word above to view its definition.

What’s the difference between British and American ate verbs?

For the two-syllable “ate” verbs, there is quite a lot of variation between British and American English. In British English, more than 90% of these verbs are spoken with the second syllable stressed. But in American English, about 50% of these verbs are spoken with the first syllable stressed.

Which is the stressed syllable in the verb ation?

Answer: Actually, all nouns that end with “… ation” are pronounced with the “a” (in “…ation”) as the main stressed syllable. Step 3 – Fact: The stressed syllable of the various verb forms, and of any adjective that is derived from a verb, is the same as in the base verb .