Where is lavender town Soul Silver?

Where is lavender town Soul Silver?

northeast Kanto
Lavender Town (Japanese: シオンタウン Cion Town) is a small town located in northeast Kanto, just south of the Rock Tunnel.

What do you do in lavender town?

Lavender Town

  1. Pokémon Center. In the Pokémon Center, you can find another trainer willing to trade a Kantonion Pokémon in exchange for its Alolan counterpart.
  2. Poké Mart.
  3. Mr.
  4. First Visit to Pokémon Tower.
  5. Rival Battle #5.
  6. Coach Trainer Holly.
  7. Team Rocket Encounter.

How do you get into the Kanto radio tower in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The Kanto Radio Tower can be entered, like its Johto counterpart, but only the ground floor, as the upper floors are completely off limits. This was done to prevent a similar take over that happen in Johto. Talking to the receptionist on the ground floor, Trainers can receive a Pokégear radio card for Kanto.

What town do you start in soul silver?

New Bark Town’s
New Bark Town’s population is 11, assuming Silver is not from the town. This makes it the least populated town in Johto. However, it is the first starting Town to break the tradition by being over 10.

Where do you catch zapdos in soul silver?

First, it will be found in the north of Cianwood City. After you encounter it there, you will shortly find it outside the entrance of Mt. Mortar in Route 42. Once you find it here, it will leave Johto and head to Kanto where you will see it in Vermillion City soon after you arrive.

How do you get the PokeFlute in soul silver?

Right after you get the EXPN Card from the old guy in the Lavender Town, go to Vermillion City. Then run to the Snorlax on Route 11. Go to your PokeGear then go to the Radio part. Make sure the little circle thing is at the middle of the very top of circle, and then you will hear the PokeFlute sound.

Where is the little girl hiding on the SS Aqua?

The little girl is with the Captain, safe but bored, and keeps trying to get him to play. When you talk to her, she insists on playing a game of hide-and-seek. You’ll find her on the lower deck, in a dark corner past the crew’s rest area.

How do you travel between Kanto and Johto in soul silver?

The only way to get between Kanto and Johto in the originals is through either the magnet train or the S.S. Anne.