Who is the California Department of Public Health?

Who is the California Department of Public Health?

Cal Health Find provides health care consumers and providers with information about licensed and certified facilities throughout California. What is Public Health? What is Public Health?

What are the regulations for hospitals in California?

California Code of Regulations: Title 22* • Requires a written hospital infection control program for the surveillance, prevention, and control of infections • Policies and procedures must cover: • Management of transmission risks • Education • Surveillance plan, including outbreak management

What do you need to know about CDPH certification?

Personal Health and Prevention Cannabis (Marijuana) Immunizations Nutrition Quit Smoking Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing Health and Safety Climate Change and Health Emergency Preparedness

What are the regulations for a health facility?

Current regulations. Board of Health meetings. Draft regulations. Fact sheet: researching regulatory history. Providers we regulate. Introduction to licensure and certification. Statutes. Major laws governing health facility licensure.

Who is the regulatory agency for radiation safety?

The regulatory agency for radiation safety is the Radiologic Health Branch of the Department of Public Health and can be contacted at the following addresses and phone number: Department of Public Health Radiologic Health Branch P.O. Box 997414, MS-7610 Sacramento, CA 95899-7414

Who are the Radiologic Health branch ( RHB )?

RADIOLOGIC HEALTH BRANCH (rhb) The Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) is within the Radiation Safety and Environmental Management Division of the Department of Public Health. The Branch enforces the laws and regulations indicated below designed to protect the public, radiation workers, and the environment.

Do you need a certificate to use X-rays?

It is the possession of a valid authorization, certificate, or permit that allows a person to use x-rays in the healing arts. The Appearance of his or her name on this list verifies the current validity of any certificate/permit listed.